Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Otherworld on Indiegogo – there goes $280

- $280
+ lots of cool minis
Yep, I’ve pledged for level 7 in Otherworld’s Indigogo campaign. After much thinking, especially how much I would regret not supporting this, it was rather clear.
How could I not do this. I’ll get a lot of new metal figures, that can never be wrong!
A very cool looking adventurers' cart
Another stretch goal has been reached, and my package will now also include a pack of Magic Users’ Familiars (special) – quasit, pseudo-dragon, brownie, imp, homonculus.
Just a $1000 short of another goal, meaning I will probably get dwarf mercenary warrior as an extra.
If you want to join, now is the time. Just 35 hours left.

Welcome new follower Niels Peter Lindemann.

A small update.
The Indiegogo campaign is over, and three more strech goals were reached. Meaning I will get more fun stuff - the dwarf mercenary, 4 slain adventurers (the fighter, magic-user, cleric and thief from the first pack) and said (living) magic-user in a sitting pose to be used with the adventurers' cart.
I'm more than happy about the outcome of this.

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  1. Congratz! At the time of writing I see that the Dwarf mercenary also is funded. Sadly I'm a bit short for cash right now, otherwise I would probably have gone for level 4, myself, a nice mix of stretch goals and all the figures in the first pack. But alas, it's not to be.