Saturday, 20 October 2012

Otherworld on Indiegogo

It was bound to happen…

I guess you’ve seen all those fantastic crowd sourcing miniatures thingies on the interwebs. Kickstarter and Indiegogo seems to be filled with them, and I have been oh so tempted by a lot of them.
But, I have persevered! I have been proud of myself. I didn’t really need those figures, most were another period/style etc. I could say to myself that it wasn’t for me.

Until now.

I browsed Kickstarter and Indiegogo for miniatures, just to see what was out there that I hadn’t seen on other sites or heard of.
Quite a lot of interesting stuff. But suddenly I saw a very familiar logotype.
Otherworld - my number one favourite producer of fantasy minis. The recipient of much hard earned cash already. I bought my first Otherworld minis in 2008, amongst them the hill giant seen in my profile-shot.
They are making a massive release of old-school Dungeons & Dragons adventurers. Massive as in 4 sets of 12 figures each, plus extras.

You can pledge as little as $10 giving you one miniature, up to $280 giving you all four sets and a lot of extra nice stuff.

From the Indiegogo site:
“The miniatures will depict archetypal fantasy adventurers, human and demi-human, male and female, wearing practical clothing and armour and carrying realistic weapons and equipment. They will be posed for exploration, not combat. And these characters won’t be muscle-bound superheroes waving Vorpal Swords in the air - they’ll be grim-faced dungeoneers, a little bit down on their luck, and ready for action on your table-top!”
Yep, just the sort of minis I am looking for.
Notice that these guys wear backpack, just as they should in real fanatsy-life
What’s there:
”DAB1 – Dungeon Adventurers I – Human Male Characters (planned release – January 2013)
  • Fighter in Plate Mail, with Bastard Sword & Torch
  • Cleric in Chainmail, with Mace & Cross
  • Magic User in Robes, with Staff & Lantern
  • Thief in Leather Armour, with Shortsword & Sack
  • Druid in Leather Armour, with Scimitar
  • Ranger in Leather Armour, with Bow
  • Monk in Robes, with Quarterstaff
  • Barbarian in Studded Leather, with Spear & Shield
  • Illusionist in Robes, with Scroll
  • Assassin in Studded Leather, with Blade Venom
  • Paladin in Plate Armour, with Longsword & Shield
  • Bard in Chainmail, with Longsword & Lute”

”DAB2 – Dungeon Adventurers II – Demi-human Male Characters (planned release – March 2013)
  • Dwarf Fighter in Plate Mail, with Battleaxe
  • Dwarf Cleric in Chainmail, with Warhammer & Shield
  • Dwarf Thief in Leather Armour, with Shortsword
  • Gnome Illusionist/Thief in Leather Armour, with Shortsword & Sack
  • Gnome Fighter in Plate Mail, with Polearm
  • Half-orc Fighter/Cleric in Banded Mail, Warhammer & Shield
  • Half-orc Assassin in Studded Leather, with Heavy Crossbow
  • Half-elf Fighter/Thief in Leather Armour, with Shortbow
  • Halfling Fighter in Plate Armour, with Axe & Shield
  • Halfling Thief in Leather Armour, with Shortsword & Sling
  • Elf Fighter/Magic User in Chainmail, with Longsword & Wand
  • Elf Thief in Leather Armour, with Shortsword & Rope”

”DAB3 – Dungeon Adventurers III – Female Characters (planned release – June 2013)
  • Human Fighter in Plate Mail, with Longsword & Shield
  • Human Cleric in Chainmail, with Flail & Holy Symbol
  • Human Thief in Leather Armour, with Rope & Grappling Hook
  • Human Magic User in Robes, with Dagger & Torch
  • Dwarf Fighter in Plate Mail, with Warhammer
  • Gnome Fighter in Chainmail, with Light Crossbow
  • Half-elf Ranger in Leather Armour, with Shortsword & Dagger
  • Human Druid in Leather Armour, with Spear & Torch
  • Elf Magic User in Robes, with Dagger & Scroll
  • Half-orc Assassin in Studded Leather, with Longsword & Hand-axe
  • Paladin in Plate Armour, with Longsword & Shield
  • Monk in Robes, with Quarterstaff & Lantern”

”DAB4 – Dungeon Adventurers IV – Hirelings & Henchmen (planned release – June 2013)
  • Mercenary Swordsman
  • Mercenary Crossbowman
  • Mercenary Spearman
  • Pack Bearer I
  • Pack Bearer II
  • Lantern Bearer
  • Torch Bearer
  • Squire
  • Scribe/Mapper
  • Mule Handler
  • Expedition Mule
  • Expedition Equipment”
On top of that a lot of extra goodies as stretch goals are reached.

I’m sooooo sold on this.
At the level that tempts me the most, the highest level at $280, you’ll get all 4 12-figure boxed sets DAB1 - Human Male Characters, DAB2 - Demi-human Male Characters, DAB3 - Female Characters, DAB4 - Hirelings and Henchmen. 3 bonus figures, only available as part of this Indiegogo campaign, a Henchman Pack-bearer, a Lantern-bearer, a Mule-handler + with achieved stretch goals: 'Weapons & Equipment Pack', 'Treasure Items Pack', 'Adventurers' Campsite' featuring bed-rolls, a campfire & cooking pots, and other paraphernalia, 'Adventurers' Cart Set', pulled by an expedition mule and piled with adventuring gear, looted treasure, and a fallen comrade, a pair of War/Guard Dogs – 1 sitting, 1 standing, wearing studded leather collars & harness, 'Adventurers’ Stores' – crates, boxes, chests, sacks, barrels, pack of Magic Users’ Familiars (standard) – cat, crow, hawk, owl, toad, weasel and possibly more if a couple of more stretch goals are achieved.
Can you say no?

The question is, should I invest in this? It’s a lot of money, but minis I really would like to have/paint/use.

This campaign continues until October 24, so if I or you want to get in, now is the time.


  1. I recently funded the Avatars of War dwarf army project. I pitched in 120 dollars to get the limited edition standard bearer and my choice of 50 different warriors. I can pick and mix when they are released. I love their character sculpts but I already have all the characters I need for my army, I need more troops and this was the only way to ensure they would be sculpted.

    So... look at it this way. If you like the figures and suspect that you would eventually buy them anyway, go for it. Because if they don't get made you will hate yourself. And if you wait, they get made and you buy them anyway you will kick yourself for missing out on the limited stuff.

  2. Yes.
    That is the way I'm leaning at the moment. I probably would kick myself if I didn't support this, and I really like what I see.

  3. So, have you pledged yet? That is enough Adventurers to last until your grand-kids discover D&D, $280, it's pocket money for what you get.