Sunday, 21 July 2013

Call of Cthulhu Miniatures on Indiegogo

I have a soft spot for Call of Cthuhu. Played the RPG a bit when it first came out ages ago, and I have been eyeing it since then.
Up pops another crowd funding project. We've seen a couple of Call of Cthulhu ones, the most recent being Cthulhu Wars boardgame, that got 1,4 M USD. I was quite interested in that, but I persevered.
Now this, Call of Cthulhu Miniatures on Indiegogo. Metal figures by RAFM, a company with a long history with Cthulhu. Metal instead of plastics with dubious quality.
The project relies heavily on stretch goals, so I have to get a lot of you to invest, so I get lots of stuff if I jump in.

This could really be something.

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