Monday, 23 September 2013

28mm Winter War Kickstarter

I had sworn to not start another WWII scale. Already doing early war/French Campaign and LRDG in 20mm, and Desert War in 6mm.
Then, another perfect storm (you will read about the other one soon, I’m afraid)
- Reads Chain of Command, excellent platoon-sized rules. Will be great to fight with my 20mm stuff. Looking spectacular in 28mm....
- Reads a lot about the Winter War and Continuation War.
- Sees a bloody Kickstarter….
- Talks with Thomas
- You can guess what happens....

Baker Company has started their Kickstarter on the Winter War. Get a platoon of Finns and one of Russians and an insane amount of stretch goals. It just looks too tempting…. Argh!

£10 will get you one figure of the Finnish hero Simo Häyhä. He will also be available to all other pledges.
Simo Häyhä, Source SA-Kuva
£15 and you’ll get one rifle section of 10 men.
£60 and you’ll get a whole platoon (38 Finns or 44 Russians) with Finnish or Russian stretch goals.
£120 and its two platoons and all stretch goals.
£250 and it’s a whole company
£500 and you could wage a large battle with a company on each side.

Stretch goals are piling up – at the moment they’ve reached £24K (from a goal of £3K) and new stretch goals every £2-4K.
Finnish bicycle troops. Source SA-Kuva
If you’re into Finns the stretch goals so far are: 10 Jäger skis, 4 snipers, 4 tank hunters, 2 medics, 2 casualties, 1 mortar with 5 man crew, 1 HMG with 5 man crew, one ATG with 5 man crew, 6 light horse, 10 bicycles, 1 artillery piece with 5 crew, 12 engineers and 8 armed civilians.
Russian prisoners of war – these were often the lucky ones. Source SA-Kuva
The Russian stretch goals are: 4 snipers, 2 medics, 2 casualties, 1 mortar with 5 man crew, 1 HMG with 5 man crew, B-10 armoured car, 1 artillery piece with 5 crew, T-26 tank, 6 tank riders, 4 tank crew, 12 engineers, 2 commissars, 1 standard-bearer and 8 soldiers in snow camo.
Coming stretch goals: Artillery observers, field kitchens, another T-26 with twin MG-turrets, truck with AA-gun, Aerosan (tooooo cool) – one of each for each side, except for the T-26.
Also the option of getting most of the stuff with summer uniforms.

So, what are you waiting for….? 


  1. That new pledge level with the 4Ground buildings looks a good deal. Looks like a good Kickstarter.

    1. It looks like an expensive Kickstarter. I've joined forces with Thomas for the £120 level. But those houses... 4ground is excellent...

  2. It's very tempting ... sigh. I really liked the photo of those Finnish bicycle troops in the middle of winter. I need to print that and put it up somewhere, to encourage me to live up to my goal of cycling to the university through this winter.

    1. Painting said bicycle troops will also encourage you... :-)

    2. Come on, Padre, join us poor sinners. You cannot save us so the least you can do is keep us company!
      Have a look at how far the stretch goals have come. It really is too good to miss.

    3. Yes, keep us company with a company, or at least a platoon :-)

    4. Stop it all of you! You're tempting me again!

    5. Yees? That sort of is the idea of this.
      Come on, you need this fix. Just the one, and then everything will feel allright... :-)