Friday, 20 September 2013

Otherworld Indiegogo – first shipment arrives

So, at long last, the first shipment has arrived. I’ve been more than a little irritated about the delays and lack of information on this fundraising thingie. But now I got the first shipment of two, and what I got is excellent.
The figures comes in carrying cases from Feldherr. Very nice, and as I don’t have any carrying cases they will be much appreciated.
Human Male characters – one each fighter, cleric, magic user, thief, druid, ranger, monk, barbarian, illusionist, assassin, paladin and bard. All these figures, and those of the other box also, comes with 25mm bases a + metal scenic dungeon bases + self-adhesive felt for the metal bases.
I think that these are actually the figures I like the least. The legs just, I don’t know, fit, on some of the figures.
Demi-human male characters – Dwarfs: thief, fighter and cleric. Half-orc: assassin and fighter/cleric. Half-elf: Fighter/thief. Gnome: illusionist/thief and fighter. Halfling: fighter and thief. Elf: Thief and fighter/magic-user
Half of the stretch goals:
Two wardogs, dwarf mercenary, familiars (cat, crow, hawk, owl, toad, weasel, quasit, pseudo-dragon, brownie, imp and homunculus), weapons and equipment pack and finally a treasure items pack.
Bonus figurers: packbearer, lantern-bearer and a mule handler.
I guess I won’t have any problems with spare time for the foreseeable future.
Now I just have to wait for the next box of goodies, and in that box comes the henchmen and female figures that are just gorgeous.

All of these figures, except the bonus ones, are available from Otherworld now.
Laffe wanted a picture of the dwarven mercenary, and here it is:


  1. That looks like a nice little haul. Wish I'd gone in on that one now that we know Crooked Dice are writing the dungeon crawl rules to go with them :)

    1. Yes, those rules will be interesting. Looking forward to that, Crooked Dice and Otherworld figures, what could go wrong?
      Timeschedules, obviously :-)

    2. I forsee bank accounts going wrong ;)

    3. Strangely enough, I see something similar...

  2. Looking good. But you have the picture of the demi-humans twice, and no pic of the humans.

    Oh, and can we have a shot of the Dwarven mercenary please :-)

    1. Humans fixed, and the dwarven mercenary added.

    2. Oooh, I like him. Lots of character!

    3. And he is on the painting table now. Primed and ready