Saturday, 19 October 2013

A couple of interesting Kickstarters

You might have seen some of these. Anyway, here’s a couple of Kickstarters I have found interesting

I totally missed last year’s Bones Kickstarter from Reaper. This time around I have actually pledged for it, so far the basic set a a couple of add-ons. Check out the Gelatinous Cube – fantastic!
Runs until October 26

This is quite interesting. Laser cut MDF dungeon walls and such. I’m very tempted by this, as everything to make a dungeon crawl more involved is great. The terrain-pieces will need some textured paint to look great, but a limited amount of work will probably give great results. Run by a small company – a real kickstarter!
We’ll see if I jump on this. It's probable...
Runs until November 8

What’s not to like? Evil Martians, heroic humans, flying saucers, secret weapons… fantastic look.
Run by Mantic, you know they will deliver. A minis game in a box, with a lot of stretch goals. Very tempting, but I think other people in my group will buy it, so I won’t jump on this one.
Runs until November 10

A minis game, well worth a look just for the great miniatures. Some of them are very tempting, but I don’t see an immediate need for these, so I’ll pass. Might pick up some of the minis later, though.
Runs until October 31

28mm minis for said game, or any other zombie game you might play. At the moment I have enough unpainted zombies and survivors figures, but some of these sure looks nice.
Runs until November 3

Scout Ship
A science fiction scout ship suitable for 28mm gaming, with optional crew members. Looks quite interesting, but not for me just now.
Runs until October 21

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