Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Time to join the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter

I fell for the wild west figures in the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter, and pledged on the $150 Outlaw-level, just to get those figures. They are hard plastic 'heroic 28mm', meaning around 35 mm to the top of their heads, about the size of my wild west minis from Black Scorpion. On that pledge-level you'll get 2 full boxed board games with 8 wild west figures and a whole bunch of evil critters usable in these games and others. Some very Cthulhu-inspired, others more traditional and some very wild-west themed but with an evil twist. A whole bunch is defined as more than 50 - monstrous tentacles, void spiders, hell bats, large slashers and night terrors, the extra-large Goliath and Harbinger, and more.
On top of that is now an amazing amount of stretch goals. As I write this we have close to 20 more wild west people (and 50% are female and sensibly dressed! A big plus in my book) and around 75 baddies. You'll see serpent warriors, large lavamen, mutated rats and more. The 1 million dollar stretch-goal, a huge demon, is fast approaching.
Now, this is a great deal if you're after the figures alone, but as it seems as if the game itself could be rather enjoyable too, then then this is great value.
The next interesting level is the Minecart-level, at a rather grim $480 level. Before you faint, let's see what's there.
First off you'll get one more set of the basic figures from both of the boxes above, so that's another 64 figures. Nice if you'd like multiples of some of the characters or monsters, or just want to be friendly and spread the loot among your friends.
Then the add-ons: another 6 wild west heroes and 4 of the more savage type with a grizzly bear. When it comes to the baddies you'll get more than 50 miniatures, everything from undead soldiers and werewolves to the XXL Sand Kraken and Burrower. On top of that a lot of game-stuff.
Finally you'll get $75 to spend on further add-ons when the pledge-manager comes live.
If you're a miniaholic, like me, then this starts to be very tempting, and if you like board-games, like me, then even more...
Also, more stretch-goals are coming fast. So far we have gotten one stretch-goal every $25K for the Outlaw-level. On the Minecart level it is more random, with one more addition coming now and then.
So, why not checking it out? You've got a limited time-slot, it closes on November 25th. Don't say I didn't warn you, and don't blame me if you fall to the temptation.

Do join, I need more stretch-goals!


  1. And we just got the undead outlaw gang. Only $50k to the big demon.

  2. just received more on the Minecart level, too. 12 cultist miniatures and game supplements. It's getting better and better.

  3. I cavedin and pledged Mine Cart just as they closed the last of the $475 level. Slightly nervous about spending that much money, but it sounds like good fun and the range of models will be perfect for other horror skirmish games. I will probably also end up using the tiles in Warhammer Quest missions too :)

    It's a shame that the HeroQuest kickstarter is coming tomorrow though as one of the two kickstarters will probably suffer due to overspend this month.

  4. So have you decided what to do with your $75 credit?

    1. Depend on what will be available, and we'll see that when the pledge manager comes on-line. Interested in something?