Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Heresy Miniatures Kickstarter

Heresy Miniatures has just kickstarted a Kickstarter of their own – Return of the Monsters! 
Heresy has been one of my favourite manufacturers and you can see a few of my painted models here. It’s a one-man company and one of those companies that Kickstarter is/should be made for. A company needing the funds to evolve and get more stuff on the market.
This is all about re-releasing some of the out of print metal models, now in resin. A lot of very nice models! Did I mention that some of those ‘minis’ are big. Huge, rather.

Visit his Kickstarter, and if you like what you see then do support one of the small companies that has seen funds dry out with the big companies draining the hobby-money away with their Kickstarters.
(By the way, he also stocks the lovely Spyglass minis. Wonderful!)

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