Friday, 29 August 2014

Update on a couple of Kickstarters

Mantic’s Dungeon Saga steamrolls ahead. As I write this they’ve got around $635K in pledges. A nice amount of money you can do a lot with. And they do.
For the basic pledge of $100 you get the boardgame and, for us figure lovers, more than 60 miniatures in PVC (see my test of Mantic PVC here) and some dungeon furniture that looks very nice.
If you’re on a spending spree you can, off course, chose some add-ons. There are two very tasty ones.
The Warlord of Galahir is full of orcs and orc-kin, scenarios, tiles and stuff. Good value for $25.
Infernal Crypts is my favourite. It is added to in the stretch goals, and I think we can expect a couple of additional figures in it before the kickstarter ends. $25 for these.
And end it does, in a couple of days, September 1 to be precise.
I’ve hitched on a friends pledge on this one, as I really want some of the figures.

Another great Kickstarter is Heresy’s Return of the Monsters, and it is a smaller thing currently at £23K.
Andy of Heretic Miniatures will mainly cast some of his out of ‘print’ miniatures in resin with the proceedings of this kickstarter. The focus is on his large to gargantuan ‘minis’ as they will be easier to cast and assemble in resin compared to tin, and also much more affordable.
Mostly out of print or already there but in metal, but a couple of new or modified ones also. The Occulak I’ve written of before, but we will also see a new ogre swinging a table, a must buy for me.
You will find quite a few man-sized minis here also, but those will mainly be in tin.
Lots of different pledge levels, giving you from a single monster to a dungeon worth of them. You can even pledge for one of the gargantuan demons with your own face sculpted especially for you by Andy. That one will surely give you bragging rights!
Probably the best centaur model out there. I've already got one in metal.
I’m in this one for some assorted models, to join my old Heretic ones.

Ends September 3.


  1. That Heresy stuff is looking really good!

    1. It sure does. As does the Mantic stuff you'll get.

  2. While the PVC part count on the Mantic is not that impressive they have worked to shove a lot of game in the set with 22+ missions, and rules for creating characters, designing dungeons, Solo and Coop, and random dungeons. Pretty much turned it into an RPG Lite system.

    1. Yes, it is a board-game after all, and that has to be taken into consideration. With the unlocked rules for creating characters, AI etc it is looking very price-worthy.
      The fact that I have lots unpainted minis of undead, orcs and heroes was the thing that made me not to jump into this kickstarter whole-heartedly.
      I do like the concept of cooperative play, and solo-play that is offered, though. But another 100 minis to paint...

    2. I suggested to the designer that he fill in the Beastiery with rules for the Reaper Bones models but he did not think mantic would take kindly to that.

    3. hehe. I've had the same thought.
      The skirmish rules Song of Blades and Heroes lets you do just that. Can be used for any mini you have. really good stuff for us hoarders who likes to play with minis.

    4. I played the first two demo missions using my reaper bones with essentially perfect model reperesentation. The third one requires me do dig out a skeletal dwarf from the chainmail line which I have buried away somewhere so I will just sub him with a none dead dwarf. I am under no illusion that any of the models are likely to get painted.

    5. Ah, the skeletal dwarf... memory lane.... I really liked the Chainmail line. Still have a few unpainted models...