Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A whole bunch of interesting Kickstarters

The Kickstarter season has sure kicked off. I’ve found a couple that could be interesting.
Battle Systems has completed their first very successful first Kickstarter, 28mm Sci-Fi cardboard terrain. I pledged into that, and was pleasantly surprised by their extremely well managed kickstarter. A few months late in delivery but fabulous communication and very open with progress. Best managed kickstarter to date, and should serve as a school-book in Kickstarter-management. Oh, and the assembly videos, etc. Great! 
I’m assembling my loot now, and you’ll see a post on it in due time.
They’ve gone into fantasy dungeon terrain this time, and it looks really nice. If you’re into dungeons this could be the thing for you. Base pledge and also add-ons like sewers and tracks. Pledge and be pleasantly surprised.
Ends on September 21.

Hungary had quite a few tanks of their own design during the war, and also some imported versions. Here’s your chance to get them all.
On top of the Hungarian stuff, there are also a couple of other vehicles that might interest you:
The Landsverk L-62 AA-tank should be interesting if you game the Finnish Continuation War.
The different Hungarian AFV:s that were in planning stages are interesting as what-if or maybe in Dust.
Katyusha and Zis-trucks might interest those of you having an Russian 28mm army, and Renault UE Chenilette and Pz 35 (t) for French and German.
This has gone above expectations and the stretch-goals are raining. Well worth a check. Ends on October 3.

Lovecraftian monster and investigators and some nice stretch goals. Small campaign supporting a small company.
Ends September 29

These guys wants to do a 2D animated film. Seeks money to get started and it looks really interesting. I want to see the movie.
Ends on October 1.

You can never have to many zombies, can you?
Ends October 12.

is a narrative skirmish type miniatures game with some truly great miniatures.
Ends October 13

30mm plastic zombies (you can’t get to many, right?) and goblins. Hard plastic sprues giving you lots of options.
Ends October 12

Help revive the 28mm Salvage Crew range. $30 gets you 20 minis and stretch goals.

Ends November 1


  1. Thanks for the heads up on these! I'd been following some like the Battle Systems one, but some others had passed under my radar. The Carnevale one is really tempting me to break my vow not to pledge into any more kickstarters until I start receiving stuff that is already nearly a year late.

    1. You're welcome. Always fun to snare people into another project :-)

  2. wahou. They are restarting Salvage crew, that is good news. Too bad the robots are free gift and not paid add-on, as I am missing the first 2. Salvage crew had some wicked space miners truly funny and well cast.

    1. Well, it's a small one-man company, so I'm sure you can make a deal with him. Send him a question.

  3. There is also the Rise of the Kage boardgame from the people that make the Bushido miniatures game.


    Looks to be tasty with ninjas and samurai guards. One of the stretch goals is cards for the figures to use in Bushido.

    1. Glad I'm not into ninjas etc. Could have been expensive... Very nice models though