Thursday, 4 September 2014

MDF dungeon on Kickstarter – final day

I found this very interesting Kickstarter – Direbadger - Lasercut Roleplay Town & Dungeon Terrain. Really interesting!
MDF-terrain, and here they have a really good system to build up a dungeon. Very versatile, and it could be just what I’m looking for.
It should be dead easy to build corridors with different widths, strangely shaped rooms, and the ubiquitous 10’x10’ room with a lonely orc guarding a treasure chest.
Unfortunately it ends tomorrow, so if you’re interested then you should head over there immediately.

I’m in for a dungeon.


  1. Nomorekickstarternomorekickstartersnomorekickstarters...

  2. the thing is - you don't have to paint anything. Plug and play, sort of

  3. I found that KS from your blog here, and I'm in for a settlement. Very excited to see it come together. Thanks for the tip!