Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kickstart your autumn

Here autumn has really set in. Leafs are turning yellow, red and brown, it’s raining and getting rather cold outside.
There is a serious risk of depression, and a sure way to battle that is, off course, to invest in your hobby. I’ve recently bought rules, terrain and a couple of minis, and those are on the painting table (well, obviously not the rules) and you will see more on that on this blog. Depression is a long way off for me.
Another sort of investment is a jolly good Kickstarter, and there are a couple of interesting ones out there.
Twisting Catacombs – gorgeous resin terrain for your dungeon or town. I’m very tempted by this one, and will probably fall for it. It has broken a lot of stretch goals, and there are more than 80 different scenery elements to choose from. Highly recommended. Ends on November 2.
Basius 2 – giant moulds you can use to stamp your own scenic bases, each one unique. They’ve got close to 20 themed, double-sided moulds, so you could really customize your bases for all your factions. Elven, dwarven, steam-punk, industrialized, Victorian, Norse (!) and more. Good concept, and well worth a look. Look with friends, and dive in together… (Yes, I’m still thinking about it, Laffe). Ends October 26.
Harwood Hobbies is releasing a small range of pulp, zombie, horror and fantasy figures that are really good looking. I’m tempted by the Sinbad-themed figures (above) and the hazmat team
You’ve also got the chance to add some of the company’s earlier models at a good discount.
Check it out, you have until November 7.
Afterlife – The Shards of Liberty. Science fiction – drones, futuristic looking warriors, gun tractors. I really like the warriors in what looks like hexagonal active armour plates.
They are just half-funded at the moment, and you have until October 26 to check it out.
Strange Aeons – Cthulhu rules and miniatures. I like the Innsmouth monsters and cult figures. Really like. Ends November 2.

Well now, if you feel depression creeping up on you, then you will at least have some eye-candy to feast on. Or minis to look forward to.