Saturday, 12 March 2016

Kickstarter watch – Darklight: Memento Mori

Another interesting game hits the Kickstart scene, and it’s called Darklight: Memento Mori. It’s a co-op dungeon crawler set in a dystopian world with medieval influences and looks really dark in a good way.
You’re part of a company of Accursed, a group of cursed individuals that somehow seem to be important in the fight against evil while at the same time they are in no way knights in shining armour. There is a fifteen page downloadable lore-book describing the world for those of us that want to immerse ourselves in the background of this world, and it is a really nice production. Well worth a read.
You can also download preliminary rules and from a cursory look they seem to be well presented, and there is a comprehensive index! Yay!
(That is something that is often missed or ignored by games producer and all too often it ends in endless searches for that rule you just know is there sometimes (I’m looking at you, Flying Frog Productions with your stupid rules-books for Shadows of Brimstone).)
There are more than 70 plastic pre-assembled miniatures in the base game. Four Accursed and a bunch of monsters and they do look great. Some stretch goals are already unlocked with more to come, and among those goals are more Accursed (which I think is crucial), more monsters and more cards.

So, we have rules, lore, nice art, a video explaining the basics, great looking miniatures, dungeon tiles, cards and an interesting concept. What’s not to like?
(Click on the pic to get a bigger image)
I think it is well worth a look and maybe a pledge, too. Check it out before it ends on March 28!
All photos and illustrations © Dark Ice Games and used with permission.