Sunday, 27 March 2016

Kickstarter Watch – French Vehicles of WWII

Fancy some hard to get French vehicles in 1/56 scale (28mm) or 1/72 scale (20mm)? 
Or maybe some even harder to get German variants of said vehicles?
28mm version
20mm version
Here’s the chance! Mad Bob is here with two new kickstarter. The 28mm version well into the stretch-goals (add-on vehicles) and what is there makes me drool. 
Citroen Kegresse in 1/72 scale.
Fortunately I don’t do Early War in 28mm so I thought I would survive this without backing, but Bob has also started a mirror kickstarter for the same vehicles in 20mm , and there’s a great chance that I accidentally buy a vehicle or several.
I 'accidentally' backed his last Hungarian Tanks kickstarter and the truck I got was really nice. Recommended.

All photos and illustrations © Mad Bob Miniatures and used with permission.


  1. Good catch!!
    Tempting all those "Rommel's funnies" including in the Kickstarter, to play the TFL Von Luck pint-sized campaign... you know you are a naughty man, don't you?

    1. Yep!
      We have noticed just that! Could be a good idea to give a heads up at the TFL forums

    2. Excellent!
      Now I just want a lot of people to start backing the 20mm kickstarter so we get that portee unlocked