Monday, 30 May 2016

Kickstarter Watch – Apocalypse Ruins, 3D printable terrain

I was quite excited this February when I found the Winterdale 2 campaign on Indiegogo, and I wrote a piece on it.
They made some amazing 3D-printable terrain, that is, you get print-files to use in your 3D-printer, and was I tempted or what?
Sadly, I had no 3D-printer then, so I didn’t back it.
Fast forward a couple of months and you see me in a shop buying a 3D-printer (more on that in another post) and the day after I check that Indiegogo-campaign to see what was in it, and …Joy! It was still possible to back it, in fact it was just open for a couple of days more. I was quick, fetched my credit card, downloaded files and started to play with the stuff.
A couple of days ago Printable Scenery, the company behind the campaign, started a new campaign on Kickstarter, Apocalypse Ruins – Modular gaming ruins for Wargames and RPG. It’s a campaign full of 3d-printable terrain in three categories:
- Stone Ruins, for your fantasy or historical setting, modular and very pretty.
- WWII Ruins, full of French farm-houses, Stalingrad Ruins and a great trench system. Modular off course.
- Gothic SF Ruins, a sci-fi trench system and modular gothic SF ruins.
As extras if you back two of the three cathegories, you'll get a frigate and some dungeon terrain also.
This looks just fantastic and from experience I can assure you the value is outstanding.
If you have a 3D-printer this is a must buy and the same can be said if you indend to buy one in the near, or even far, future.
I would say this KS is a very good reason to buy yourself a 3D-printer. We have entered a new era, and it is time to enjoy it!
Apocalypse Ruins ends around Monday June 27th.

Pictures and illustrations © Printable Scenery and used with permission.


  1. Wow!! These look outstanding...!

  2. As always I'm a bit behind the times...only just got a blu-ray player!

    1. Ask your son all about it :-D
      (you could probably sell it in a great teaching tool (for yourself if nothing else))