Saturday, 14 May 2016

Kickstarter Watch – Flint and Feather

Do you want to combine tribal warfare in pre-Columbian times with figures by Bob Murch?
If the answer is "yes", "maybe" or "what do you mean", then you should check out the Flint and Feather kickstarter, where you can get a set of rules and one or two warbands.
If you want to delve into mythology there is an add-on Spirit Monster Set and if you think of yourself as a big-game hunter you have another add-on – the Moose (and who doesn’t need a moose?!)
The rules look interesting, the figures are gorgeous and the campaign is well on its way to be funded.

Check it out before it closes on May 26th
All photos © Crucible Crush Productions and used with permission.


  1. They are made by Bob Murch afer all and I do like his minis. But not another period...