Monday, 13 March 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Time Warp – 3D-printable terrain

My favourite 3D-print company is at it again. Printable Scenery has a new Kickstarter going, this time it is called Time Warp – Rampage Castle, Europe and the Americas.
What you’ll get is essentially three campaigns in one. You can pledge for one, two, or all three.
Rampage Castle builds on the excellent OpenLock system I wrote about here (and the printer’s gone warm chugging out more pieces since I wrote that). 
This time there are parts to, obviously, build a castle, both intact and ruined. With stretch-goals we’re looking at a lot of details, like hoardings, gates, working doors and, with a minimum of luck with the stretch-goals, wooden stairways and a working drawbridge. Excellent stuff, this.
Time Warp Europe will first of all give you a large church, also intact or damaged. It’s modular so you can start a game with an intact church and after the heavy artillery’s done their job you switch one part to the ruined version.
The stretch goals have given us an amazing medieval house, town ruins, a ruined chateau, a stone bridge. The upcoming farm and stone barn looks more than interesting. The good thing with these are that they can be used in a multitude of periods, from the middle ages to now.
Time Warp the Americas is essentially Wild West at its best. The pledge will give you a bank and a saloon, plus a very useful set of Caribbean walkways, that I see multiple uses for. The stretchgoals includes a derelict Spanish church, general store, Caribbean shack and a log cabin. Soon the be reached ones are a miners shack and rundown store/jail.
On top of all this, everyone will get a bunch of bonus items, for example a SF alien field generator, some dwarven portals, soul burner and siege engines (so far a trebuchet, ballista and catapult). There will probably be more to come.
If you’ve missed the previous kickstarters you also have a chance to pick up what was in them as add-ons for a significantly lower price than in their web-shop.
If you have a 3D-printer, can borrow one or have any idea about getting one (and you should really start to consider it) then this certainly is a kickstarter to consider. Printable Scenery is a gang of really nice professionals and gamers, and what they have produced so far is outstanding.
What I find exceptional is that if you have an idea about how to improve a line they really listen and often make the changes very quickly, and as you have already bought the product you can download the new version for free.
A great company with a great product, well worth backing.
The KS ends in less than a weeks time!

All pictures © Printable Scenery and used with permission.


  1. Do you like your M3D printer? The one I would like to buy is Prusa 3d printer. This printer got excellent reviews for the Maker magazine.

    1. Nope! It's got a rather small printarea and is slow, and, annoyingly, just broke down. Again. Also the print quality is rather so-so.
      I guess it is decent if you want to dip your toe into 3D-printing, as it is rather cheap (around €300). It got me hooked to 3D-printing, but it would have been better to go for a larger, better one immediately.
      A Prusa is definitely what I would go for. It seems to be the best out there for that price. It is certainly on my wish-list.

    2. Thanks Joakim. I found of a lot Prusa 3d printer on ebay for around $300 dollars. Keep posting updates on youroutstanding blog.

    3. That sound like a really good price, but note that Prusa's got a Mk2 model now, with a rather bigger print area (which is VERY good) and higher print-speed. On the negative is a 10 week backlog of orders...
      But I would jump at a $300 Prusa Mk1.
      Thank you for your kind words!

    4. Hmm, looks like I can get a Mk1 for around 3500 SEK or €350 here. Interesting.

    5. Hmm, check out what Printable Scenery has to say about Prusas
      Well worth the read!

  2. Lots of lovely terrain pieces there! Sadly 3D printers are way down the 'to-buy' list at the moment!

    1. Then you have better start removing all those items above it, then! ;-)
      (It is really a very fun toy!)