Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D printable ships and pyramids reboot

ESLO has a kickstarter up and running, 3D printable ships and accessories (STL Files), where they offer print files for a lot of different ships.
You can pledge for individual ships, ranging from €5 for a longboat to €12 for a bark, or go all-in for €45, and that gives you some eight ships + stretch-goals.
It all looks rather interesting and if you just want to try out a ship or two the individual ship files are very affordable and well worth a try.
If you always wanted a fleet in anything between 10 to 28mm, then this is a kickstarter to check out.
This KS ends on September 20th 2017.
Dunkley Designs has rebooted their pyramids kickstarter, with Dunkley Designs – 3D Printable Pyramid  Ziggurat Terrain.
This time it the KS is cleaned up and it is much easier to see what’s in each pledge level, and it also seems more affordable this time around. Good work there.
The Mayan pyramid is especially tempting as it looks just gorgeous.
The pyramids KS ends on September 5th 2017.

Both campaigns are funded and are going into stretch-goal-territory.

All photos and illustrations © ESLO and Dunkley Designs respectively and used with permission


  1. Sorry but I'm a loss to understand why this needed kickstarter funding to create stl files for 3d printing?

    Plenty of people appear to be able to create stuff suitable for 3d printing without "needing" cash up front. Not sure what's different here?

    1. Ks is a great marketing tool, if nothing else. Plenty of companies don't "need" kickstarters but find them very useful still.