Friday, 11 August 2017

Kickstarter Watch – The Wargaming Terrain Collection – 3D-printable SF-buildings

Two 3D-printable terrain kickstarters went live during my vacation and this is one of them, The Wargaming Terrain Collection by Simple Polytrix.
Really nice SF-themed man-made structures and the first stretch goal, city streets, seem to be within reach. You can never have to many streets so that will be really useful.
A Tank Turret when you want to reach out and connect to your nosy neighbours.
I’m not very interested in SF-gaming at the moment, so I will skip this one, but I really think that there are some very useful buildings here. Well worth a look if you want to populate your SF gaming board with some unique scenery.
Oil tanks, really useful and prone to go up in a bang :-) What's not to like?
As usual you'll get a bunch of stl-files when the campaign has ended and load them into your 3D-printer to print as many as you like and vary the scale to suit your gaming needs.
Printed and painted Power Facility
You have until August 20th to pledge.
Printed and painted Single-Unit Bunker
All photos and illustrations © Simple Polytrix and used with permission

If you’re interested in more 3D-printable-terrain kickstarters then look here.
I’ll give my broken printer some love during the next week or so, to see if it is salvageable. When it is running again (or when I’ve bought a new one) I will review as much stuff as possible from all manufacturers I have stl-files from. 


  1. Tempting but the summer holidays already cost the earth.

  2. Smashing stuff Joakim they look really good, inspiration for my card versions :-)

  3. Inspiration is always good and sooner or later I will turn you to the dark side, or at least the 3D-printer side ;-)

  4. Thank you for the Fantastic article!

    1. You're welcome. I look forward to see what you come up with in the future