Friday, 1 September 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D printable Gothic and FIW/AWI

Printable Scenery is back with another Kickstarter, Rampage Gothic - 3d Printable Scenery Building System, this time centred around everything Gothic and it is of course OpenLOCK.
Half of it is Gothic Industrial, think 40K without the skulls and you’re close to home. Amazingly good if you play said game and very useful if SF in general is your thing.
Gothic Cathedral gives you enough stuff to build a huge cathedral or whatever you fancy gothic-looking using the parts provided.
You can pledge for single sets or both sets together, and that option also gets you a bunch of extra stuff.
As always with OpenLock, these parts are compatible with other OpenLock parts, meaning you can mix and match any way you want.
I’d say Printable Scenery will probably give you the best stl-files on the market and they routinely improve their files, and those files are yours to download. Very professional and a very nice company to do business with. Highly recommended!
You can buy all their previous files on the Printable Scenery webshop.
Rampage Gothic ends on September 18 2017.

If the French Indian Wars or American War of Independence is your thing, then Jens of 3D-Print-Terrain has a new Kickstarter just for you, Printable Tabletop Terrain from FIW to AWI.
As usual with Jens’ kickstarters, you will get a lot of stuff if you go all-in. If you want to try his things out or just dip your toe in, then pledges start at €10 for a single log cabin.
Log cabins, barn, block house, Iroqois longhouse, mansions, palisade fort, houses and maybe a Fort Willaim Henry. There’s a lot of stuff here and lots of it have multiple uses.
FIW to AWI ends on September 27 2017.

All photos and illustrations © Printable Scenery and 3D-Print-Terrain respectively and used with permission


  1. More very impressive stuff Joakim, they produce some smashing designs, ta for posting :-)

  2. There is just so much printable scenery coming out. Makes a 3d printer more and more enticing!

    1. It really does and it is amazing the level of detail you can get from the high-end of those printers