Saturday, 21 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D Printable Tanks

Another rather different kickstarter. This time we’ve got 3D Printable Tanks, giving you an interesting mix of, well, tanks.
These look amazing. I’m hard-pressed to even see that they are prints, even though they are printed with 100 micron layer depth. Simply stunning detail.
This is probably the most exiting 3D-print-kickstarter I’ve seen in a while. Well worth a look.
You can choose between WWII, modern and futuristic vehicles, and at the moment there are some twenty different vehicles to choose from.
Pledges start at CA$19 for two kits and ends at CA$135 for the whole bunch. If you’ve got the money you can go even higher with custom-made parts or even vehicles.
New releases
The stl-files are made for 1/56 scale (28mm), but you can obviously scale them up or down as you wish.
I really look forward to see where this company goes in the future.
This KS ends on November 13.

All photos and illustrations © 3D Wargaming and used with permission


  1. what materials are used to get that level of detail and how fragile is the material please?

    1. Even if it's not specified I in the kickstarter I would assume it is PLA, which is a starch-based polymer. You see a filament-printer in action in the video.
      I'd say it's really durable, as I've dropped more than one printed item without any serious harm. Comparable with an ordinary hobby-kit from Revell/Tamiya etc.

  2. In very sceptical because of the style of the paint jobs. I suspect the nice airbrushed gradients hide the print marks.

    1. maybe, but if you check the videos where they print the stuff it looks really good.
      Would be interesting to try one.