Friday, 27 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D-printing - 2xSF and a castle

I’ve decided to limit my Kickstarter Watch posts to, at a maximum, once per week, as I think more often is a bit too much. Seems there are more and more people and companies producing stl-files and putting it on crowd-funding platforms, and sometimes we get several in a week. It's a good time to own a 3D-printer!

So, even though I’ve already posted on several kickstarters this week, I’ll finish with what’s left, namely two SF-themed ones and a castle.

More OpenLock compatible SF-scenery for your printer, centred around a moon-base or similar outpost.
A pledge of £40 will get you everything (except the grav-tank which is a further £5).
You’ll be able to build corridors, prison blocks, warehouses, reactor room, a plethora of vehicles, walls and defences, tank-assembly factory and much more.
Value wise this looks like an excellent deal, ideal for adventures on a planet far, far away, or a moon rather closer.
Check it out!
This KS ends on November 16 2017.

EDIT FEBRUARY 2018 - I have friends that have been seriously burnt by this company, WOW Buildings,  and the kickstarter seem to be in a shambles. If you're interested in printing SF-scenery you might consider spending your money with other companies.

In Kolony we get hab-blocks, other buildings, vehicles and scatter terrain for your colony in space.
Pledges run from $5 to 25 depending on how deep you want to go.
All pledge levels give access to stretch-goals. Obviously more stuff at higher levels.
This looks really good if you want to print buildings without the possible hassle of connecting walls to floors and each other. You’ll get gaming stuff on the table quickly.
There are also vehicles and plenty of scatter-terrain.
If you want to check out the quality of their stuff there are already some free files on Thingiverse, with more to come. A good way to see if what they do is for you and your printer.
This KS ends on November 17, 2017.

This one is for everyone ever wanting a castle of their own, and especially an OpenLOCK modular one in 28mm scale (or thereabout).
Construction exemple
Three different pledge levels (and if you hurry you might nick an early bird pledge) giving you different amount of stuff.
You’ll get walls, windows and walls in the Classic Castle-set and progressively more pieces in higher pledge levels.
What I especially like is that you’ll get multiples of each wall-piece, so, for example, you seem to get eight different 2” wall-sections, giving variability.

Well worth a look if you ever fancied making a castle, or a dungeon for that matter.
This KS ends on December 24 2017.

All photos and illustrations © WOW Buildings, Rocketship Games and NEFAST Collection respectively and used with permission.


  1. Very impressive, nicely designed :-)

    1. All of them are. I'm tempted... but already have a lot of files :-)

  2. I think I have been left behind with technology and what is available in the hobby. Very impressive.

    1. There's a lot happeing in the 3D-field, and it's starting to be really affordable and also user friendly. Interesting tech