Friday, 17 November 2017

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – A whole game, ancient Egypt, dungeons and… stuff

Once again a hectic week when it comes to 3D –printable kickstarters, and all are worth a peek if you’re into this stuff.

First off is something I’ve been waiting to see for some time, a totally printable game.
Here everything is in electronic format; from rules and cards to miniatures.
For your 3D-printer you’ll get different troop types for the human and orcs & goblins factions and some buildings made by our friends at Printable Scenery (meaning it will be great-looking). Also included are some useful accessories, like card-trays and measuring tools.
This looks really interesting as a new concept, and it will be fun to see where it goes from here.
This KS ends on December 18 2017.

This looks so nice, so very nice.
Our pulp games often take place in Egypt and these tiles, pillars, statues, obelisks and more would look great on the gaming table.
You have the opportunity to pledge for either everything as stl-files or go the old-fashioned way J and get it delivered to your door-step as physical products.
Any way you choose is bound to give you a great product, and as a bonus it is OpenLOCK-compatible (or at least the stl-version is).
This KS ends on December 15 2017.

In this campaign you have 11 different sets to be bough individually, as sets or all-in. In total more than 500 different files.
They use Infinitylock to connect the pieces. Seems to be a locking system of theirs and doesn’t seem to be compatible with OpenLOCK, unfortunately. That might not be a problem if you buy into this system as DungeonWorks seem to have so much stuff in their range that it should satisfy most everyone.
Floors are designed to be printed standing on end, which seem to be a very good idea as you can print more at the same time.
Definitely worth a look if you’re looking into printable dungeons.
This KS ends on December 15 2017.

This is a massive amount of varied stuff, more than 500 files, for $60.
You’ll get buildings, airships, bases, brick road, cages, carts, dungeon filler, furniture, market place, mine tracks, sci-fi stuff and much, much more.
A great KS to back if you want a bit of this and that. It is OpenLOCK-compatible where applicable.
This KS ends on December 10 2017.

All photos and illustrations © War Gaming Studio Inc., Lunesdargent Workshop, Klingbeil and Kevin Rau respectively and used with permission.

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