Friday, 10 November 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D-printing – modular terrain tiles, dungeon pools and floating islands

3D-printable terrain kickstarters seem to be popular, both among backers and producers. It’s an ideal product really, as you as a customer don’t have to worry about shipping or waiting for inefficient or plain incompetent mail-distributers, as everything is digital, and you can print in most any scale you want. As a producer you can sit anywhere on this globe and send your stl-files everywhere else with a click on a button.
On to what popped up this last week. A good batch of diverse kickstarters.

This is really clever - hex-based modular terrain. Okay, we’ve seen that on the traditional market already, but this version is packed with possibilities and is, of course, printable.
First you have a puzzle-like base to give you stability, then risers to give height, if needed, and finally the terrain tiles.
There are a whole bunch of different tiles, both smooth and graded, water and cliffs. A myriad variants of the graded ones to give variability.
Variability seem to be the thing here, as you can build all sorts of rolling hills, rivers and whatnot.
It looks really tempting and definitely something to look at if ever you’ve been interested in modular terrain.
This KS ends on December 5 2017.

If the next adventure for your minis is expected to go below ground then this might be something to consider – a lot of different subterranean scatter terrain in the form of pools and the like.
Everything looks really useful for dungeon-crawls.
You can expect to find lots of unpleasant dark-elves among these pieces.
This KS ends on November 18 2017.

Floating islands. Who doesn’t like them?
If you want to adventure on a totally different setting then this might be it. Floating islands in all sorts of sizes and shapes.
I would have loved these a year ago when we adventured on Pulp Alley’s Perilous Island.
I can see these with vegetation, lianas connecting them together, rickety hanging bridges… it could be really cool.
This KS ends on November 21 2017.

All photos and illustrations © Adam Fletcher, Mystic Realm and Immortal Realms respectively and used with permission.


  1. Cool really dig those floating island's.

  2. I really like the pools, they could be very useful :-)

  3. This was a very nice report indeed and I must say that I am real close to take the step to buy a 3d-printer of my own.As a CAD-engineer myself I have often thought about how to make my models come alive.For me I will be hybrid that will continue use left overs and pimp my models with 3d-printed details.Fun stuff indeed. :)

    1. Nice that you liked it
      Sounds interesting about getting a printer. Keep me informed :)

  4. Seems like the design was copied from this
    Just too many similarities to be coincidence.

    1. I am aware of the tiles you have linked to, although we have done our best to develop a new system, there are a lot of hex systems already out there, you can't help but be similar to one, Ross' system is brilliant for polystyrene tiles, this system is for 3D printing.

    2. I saw and backed the above KS project too. As said, its designed for polystyrene tiles only. It would be quite slow to create each tile yourself, but possibly cheaper than 3D printing, especially if you don't already have a printer. (I haven't costed either method). However, printing is a set it and leave it for a couple of hours or so job, so you can go away and come back when its finished, like a load of washing