Monday, 26 March 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Medieval Monastery, Corrupted Forest, Sci-Fi Flyer and an Organizer

We have had another great week when we are spoilt for choice. This time it is three kickstarters covering a monastery, mostly natural (and somewhat unnatural) terrain and a SF flyer with landing pad.. Add to that a great little organizer if you’re into Zombicide: Black Death.
So, let’s see what we got.

This excellent kickstarter will give you fortified medieval monastery, complete with gatehouse and walls, stables, a church, scriptorium and dwelling for the Abbot.
Add stretch goals, comprising furniture and all manners of smaller structures, such as a garden, waterpump, beggar’s hovel and much more. I expect quite a lot of those stretchgoals to be reached as the campaign seems to go really well.
Everything here looks great and there are quite a few pics of everything actually printed, which I always think is good as I gives an idea of what it will actually look like.
Definitely worth a look… or two.
This KS ends on April 20, 2018.

Who doesn’t need an evil-looking forest for their parties, be they fantasy or pulp, to adventure in.
This forest certainly look spooky, with writhing trees, strange rock formations, and a bunch of OpenLOCK compatible ground tiles.
This also goes well and has reached a couple of stretch-goals. Already reached or soon to be, are different cottages, whole and ruined, and even more trees.
Looking good and very useful if a more actively evil forest is what you need. Check it out.
This KS ends on April 8, 2018.

The Chicharra (or Cicada) is a small sci-fi flyer, with both civilian and military versions.
You can choose between just the civilian hopper, an bundle with both civilian and military version or finally an all-in variant where you‘ll get a landing pad, other installations and lots of different crates (and you always need more crates, right?).
This looks really good and would be perfect in a SF outpost or in the middle of a future city, maybe on a roof-top.
Well worth a look if Sci-Fi is your thing.
This KS ends on April 21, 2018.

Finally something a bit different from what I usually present. This time it’s a printable organizer for you Zombicide: Black Plague game.
A simple and excellent little project that’ll give you just what you need to make some sort of order in your Zombicide box, and it is very affordable, too. Check out the video on the kickstarter page for more info on what goes into the organizers.
This KS ends on April 21, 2018.

All photos and illustrations © Infinite Dimensions Games, Mystic Realm, Topo Solitario Crafts and Ivan Conrad respectively, and used with permission.


  1. I do like these impressive and beautiful buildings!

    1. Yep
      With 3D-printing they are actually affordable (if you have the printer) and you could make them in your preferred scale, or several scales

  2. Thank you very much for taking the Chicharra into account! :)

    1. You're welcome. It's such a nice little set.

  3. The Abbey is very nice, cheers for drawing my attention to it :-)

    1. The Abbey will look great on the tabletop and can be used in such a variety or settings. A great set

  4. Thanks for all the updates on 3d printing kickstaters. Unfortunately my son has not returned my 3d printer. I looking at purchasing a new PRUSA I3 now

  5. Well, mine is dead and I'm, like you, looking into buying a Prusa Mk 3.
    That one looks idiot-proof, which is always a good thing :)