Saturday, 16 June 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – 4 new campaigns

Lot of different kickstarters going on at the moment, so let’s just dive in.

3D-Print-Terrain is back, this time with a, mostly modern, arabic-inspired campaign.
Lots of large buildings unlocked and a very nice fort within reach.
Definitely worth a look if you want to game anything in a modern Arabic setting, and if more timeless settings is your thing there is an opportunity to get the files from the Arabic campaign he had in 2017.
This KS ends on July 12 2018.

If Gothic ruins is your thing then this is worth a look. 13 pieces of scenery with optional extras.
This KS ends on June 27 2018

Hayland terrain is back with even more wasteland terrain.
You have an option to back this + the older wasteland terrain KS, and also several other.
If Mad Max-style gaming is what you crave then this might just still that hunger. Check it out.
This KS ends on June 27 2018.

If you want a fleet of airplanes, from WWI and forward, then this might be what you are looking for.
Pledge for one era or more, and if you want to stay on the ground there are even cars.
Definitely worth a look if wheels and wings are your thing.
This KS ends on July 3 2018.

All photos, renders and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain, Medusa Miniatures, Hayland Terrain and Fickle Fiend Studio respectively and used with permission.


  1. That Arabic Fort looks excellent. Constantly amazed at what can be achieved with 3d printing. It's definitely the future.

    1. It certainly looks that way, at least for terrain.
      With a bit of luck the Miniatures Man household will have a new, functioning, printer come fall.

  2. Nice pieces but I can´t wait until I can start making my own bits.The cemetery is also great inspiration.

    1. I'm also looking forward to that! Will be fun to see what you create