Thursday, 31 January 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – From the hell to deep sea to space, with special effects thrown into the mix.

Here’s something special, a kickstarter fully devoted to special effects.
Do you want explosions, muzzle flashes, bursting napalm, jets of fire or smoke?
You’ll find it here.
Really neat stuff for your printer, and the painted examples looks great and should be achievable for us ordinary mortals.
Highly recommended.
Check it out before it end on February 15 2019.

Do you need an elevated road, an asteroid (or Moon) mining camp or settlement, then this could well be worth a look.
There is also a walker that looks really interesting and vaguely familiar.
The campaign is well into stretch-goal territory, with lots of buildings, vehicles and weapons unlocked, and more to be achieved.
Take a look before February 11 2019.

Do you want another chance to get your hands on the Modelling Miniatures handbook, showing you how to 3D-sculpt miniatures with free software?
A Swedish viking?
If yes, then you have to hurry as this mini-campaign closes very soon.
Here you’ll get the first handbook for free (!) and the second for whatever you want to pay for it (with a minimum of £1).
What’s not to like?
Hurry over, download and/or pledge a pittance, but do it fast as the campaign closes within hours!

Does your adventures take you below the waves? If that is the case you should head over to this campaign and check out the scatter terrain and figures.
There’s a link to some free figures, if you want a sample of what the minis will look like.
A fun little campaign. Check it out on February 25 2019 at the latest.

Here’s a chance to get a feeling for what Hell looks like.
What can I say? Oooooh, probably.
This all looks great. I really like the lava fields and tubes.
The statues are… disturbing.
So this is what I’ve been promised? As an atheist I’ve had more than one threat of a special long-term stay down here. I’m not too worried about that, as I believe it is far more likely that I have a game on this terrain.
Do have a look before it ends, on February 27 2019.

If you would like to see more 3D-printing crowdfunding projects then look here.
Do you want to see reviews of 3D-printing stuff then check here.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Deadly Print Studio, WOW Buildings, Steve Hampson, Tracey Henry and Eric Askue respectively and used with permission.


  1. Another great round up Joakim, some really good projects at the moment, and of course thanks for the plug!

  2. There is some really great stuff there Joakim! I especially like those BattleFX effects - but I have no 3D printer :(

    1. Yeah, the Battle FX looks just great. I was sorely tempted by it, but found no real use for most of it. Some of the explosions would see use, but other things less so. But the wow-factor is great.

    2. Really appreciate the kind words! It´s easy to find 3D printing services around the globe for example shapeways!

  3. Thanks Joakim for this post! Really happy that you like BattleFX!