Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Underdark, Hell, Sci-Fi and more

A new year and it has started rather well on the 3D-printing crowdfunding area. Sci-Fi, Underdark, Hell and modern. Something for most everyone. Let’s jump right into it.
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I started writing about this kickstarter… looked a bit more… Underdark… thought a bit… pledged. Well, in my defence I have a D&D campaign that is moving deeper and deeper into a dungeon and they just might enter the Underdark in a while.
You’ll get pillars, stalagmites, pools and whatnot for your caverns and buildings suitable for dark elves and other nasties. If you want to, then there are also pledge-levels where you’ll get figures.
As a free (for everyone) extra you'll get DungeonSticks, a clever system of making cavern-walls in a hurry. That in itself is worth a look!
I really like this and you should have a look, too. Plenty of time for that as the campaign closes on February 3, 2019.

Modular buildings and smashed up cars, what’s not to like.
A freebie for everyone!
Suitable for modern and post-apocalypse settings, and the wooden buildings could even be used in an Old West setting.
It's all OpenLOCK where applicable, which is a big bonus in my book.
Check it out before January 14 2019.

A fellow Swede have made this kickstarter to fund a series of Sci-Fi inspired walkways and some scatter terrain.
These look really good and walkways are a great way to make your tabletop three dimensional.
Really affordable, too, as everything will only set you back around $10.
Well worth a visit before February 1 2019.

More printable goodness from Project Mobius with this bunch of Sci-Fi buildings and structures.
They’ve got a nice techy look and would work very well in a game of Infinity, or any non-grimdark-future setting.
Great stuff! Check it out before February 8 2019.

How about a trip to the dark side (as if we haven’t been there already with all the drow-stuff) with a visit to the hot realms of Hell.
Choose between rocky scatter terrain, a modular City of Dis, denizens of Hell or everything in one big pledge. There is even a game here.
These pieces looks great and will find lots of use even outside the nether regions.
Check it all out before February 6 2019.

If you would like to see more 3D-printing crowdfunding projects then look here.
Do you want a look at reviews of 3D-printing stuff then check here.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Evan Carothers, Hayland Terrain, Tainted Brush Studio, Project Mobius and Ill Gotten Games respectively and used with permission.

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