Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – From medieval to Sci-Fi with a serving of fantasy

A huge crop this time. Enjoy!

Jens of 3D-Print-Terrain is here with a new campaign, this time with a medieval theme.
The files are scaled for 20mm gaming, but I know from experience that they upscale well for my 28mm games. The great thing about 3D-printing is the ease of changing printing scales.
You’ll find very nice-looking houses, town walls, some fantastic cogs, siege weapons and more.
My favourite would be the working trebuchet. Great! Well, the cogs are favourites, too, actually.
Well worth a look, as always with Jens' stuff. Do it on April 21 2019 at the latest.

We go from medieval times to gothic with this kickstarter.
Here you’ll find stuff for your cemetery or crypt.
Fences, a gate, mausoleum, coffins, piles of skulls and more. What’s not to like?
My favourite is the wooden coffin, as that is so useful everywhere, from fantasy, to wild west to pulp.
Check it out before April 17 2019.

The step from gothic to fantasy need not be a long one, especially not if you’re into graveyards.
This campaign from Hayland Terrain comprises a collection graveyard walls, graves and crypts. On top of that you’ll find a Yak (!) here, stuff for a market (always useful that!) and town square, everything you need for a tannery and dwarven brewery and more.
If you missed the previous fantasy kickstarter you’ll have a chance to get that also.
My favourites are the market stalls, as I’m building everything needed for a sprawling market and you can never have enough stuff for that!
Check out the stalls and everything else before this kickstarter ends on April 14 2019.

We’ve had our pick of graveyards with the two previous campaigns, so it is about time to find something that will inhabit said not quite final resting places.
What could be better than lots and lots of undead?
Free minis! What's not to like?
Here’s your chance to print a horde of skeletons, zombies and other creepy and not quite dead creatures. If you would like to see if your printer is up to printing what’s on offer you can download a zombie and a skeleton for free! I did and will print at least the zombie soon.
My favourites are the zombies, as you can never have enough zombies. The archer skeletons are also sort of favourites.
Check it out on April 27 2019 at the latest.

There shouldn’t be undead in space, but if you would like a zombie infestation, then this future industrial sector could be just the place.
It will off course work equally well for rampaging aliens or monstrosities from beyond space and time.
You’ll find OpenLOCK-compatible modular tiles to build your industry, and also accessories, vehicles and more.
My favourite is the little spaceship that just might be unlocked.
Check it out before April 15 2019.

The industrial sector need somewhere to unload everything they produce, and this could be just that place.
You can build lots and lots of buildings with this modular set. You’ll get walls, floors, roofs and small stuff to give detail and life to your setting.
Great stuff with everything needed to build a table full of buildings where you can let your favourite Luke Spacewalker have adventures.
My favourites are all the greebles, that is, all the antennas, hatches and other small details. Very useful for all your Sci-Fi buildings.
Check it out before April 28 2019.

So you have a factory and a desert town. All that is needed now is something threatening. Something that can annihilate both buildings and heroes.
What better than an army of mechas?
They are modular, meant to be assembled with magnets to give you maximum flexibility (but I guess you can just glue them together if that’s your preference.
Lots and lots of bodies, legs, gun-pods, arms, missile pods and more. You could literally build a legion of these and have them all look different. Fun stuff.
Hard to pick a favourite among the gazillion variants. I guess that is my favourite – the flexibility to build what you like.
This kickstarter ends on April 28 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain, Medusa Miniatures, Hayland Terrain, Klingbeil, Eskice Miniature, Michael Novelo and David Lee Seymour respectively and used with permission.


  1. Joakim purchased any of Jen's files. I got a new CR-10. Great printer. My son took my ANET8 over a year ago. I realized I was never going to see that printer again. Keep up your excellent blog.

    1. I'm printing lots of bigger stuff at the moment. More on that soon

    2. On Jens' kickstarters: Yes, I have bought into quite a few of them, and the first result is just published
      Good stuff overall.