Thursday, 16 May 2019

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Water, mud, vacuum and Roman dirt

Let’s start deep down this time, under the waves.
(Click on the pics to get larger ones!)
I backed Evan Carothers’ last kickstarter, The Skyless Realms, where I got some truly spectacular models. There he also presented his free DungeonSticks wall-system which I have used in a dungeon-crawling D&D adventure, and expect to use a lot. Great stuff suitable for a multitude of settings. Well worth a look!
This time he moves from underground to underwater, moving up through the water-column from deep dark Atlantean ruins on the seafloor to boats and ships plying the waves. There’s lots of stuff and it all looks great.
In this campaign you can either pledge for terrain, figures or both.
My favourites are the Atlantean ruins and the boats from the terrain-pledge and the sharks from the figure-pledge.The water-line sharks in particular would be so useful.
Do check this out before it ends on June 12 2019.

Let’s swim in towards land, and specifically land of the squishy kind.
In this kickstarter you’ll get enough to build your own swamp in miniature and populate it with evil-looking denizens and damp buildings.
The swamp-tiles are DragonBite compatible and looks varied enough to give you a great-looking swamp-board. Add the scatter terrain to that and it will be even better.
The figures range from toad- and fish-like humanoids to crocs to a kraken.
Everything looks really useful and my favourite terrain-pieces are the tree-house and scatter-docks, while the crocs are my favourite figures. The croc waterline models looks really great.
Have a look before the campaign ends on June 13 2019.

Let’s move from squishy mud to hard sci-fi.
Here you’re presented with loads of OpenLOCK-compatible sci-fi tiles suitable for sci-fi adv. They do look the part, and should give you lots of alternatives when you want to build your own space-station, especially if you pledge for a few extra additional sets and add-ons.
There are some free samples at Kraken Studio’s webpage if you would like to test-print before jumping in.
Fantastic stuff, and my favourites are… well, everything, as that is what I would need to built that space-station…
Check it out before July 12 2019.

We go back in time and move from sci-fi to historical with this Roman fort or camp.
The modular fort is made for 6 to 15mm gaming, and comprises ramparts, gates and towers.
If you need a roman fort in said scales, this is bound to be just what you’re looking for as it gives you so many pieces that you should be able to build whatever you fancy.
Wrong scale for me, but the first unlocked stretch-goal, a tent, looks like something that could be up-scaled, so I make that my favourite.
Check it out before it ends on June 8 2019.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © EC3D Design, Aether Studios, Kraken Studios and Forlorn Hope Soldiers respectively and used with permission.

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