Friday, 8 November 2013

Even more Kickstarters

We seem to be swamped by Kickstarters at the moment, and they are rather fun to join or follow. Here’s another bunch.
Bob Olley returns to his favourites – 28mm scrunts. Here we find steampunky ones, and they are very nice. Steampunk dwarfs are really not my thing, but fun none the less. Runs to December 6.
28mm sci-fi, humans vs aliens. Big tanks and walkers and ordinary troops for reasonable prices. Interesting, and runs to December 6.
'Just' metal 28mm figures in this Kickstarter. Concept art looks nice, and could be your thing if you’re into Barsoom, or just like little metal figures. Runs until December 5.
28mm figures from the war of 1700-21. Mainly foot-soldiers, but the last stretch-goal unlocked mounted figures, and artillery is on the horizon. Looks to be good value for money if this time-period and scale is for you, and they're Swedes! Runs until November 23. Gå på!
Rulebook and minis of the computer-moderated miniatures game that went belly-up a while ago. Minis looks nice, and the game could be a hit. Runs until December 6.
Get to print your own custom-made figure(s). This looks intriguing, and is worth looking at. Could be a dud or a real game-changer. Runs until December 11.
A very cool Kickstarter this. This guy has taken CT-scans of animal skulls, and intend to 3D-print them in different materials. So different. Not-minis, but... Like! J Runs until December 4.

Alien, Predator and a couple of Marines in between. If you ‘d like that idea then this kickstarter might be for you. Runs until November 29.

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