Saturday, 2 November 2013

Some more Kickstarters

There are a lot of interesting kickstarters out there at the moment. In my last kickstarter-post I mentioned a couple, some still going on.
I jumped on the Reaper Bones II, and are moderately happy with how it turned out. Went in for one core set and a few add-ons. The expansion sets could have been great, but as they had no themes, they turned out to have to few figures to interest me in the end. Bones II will ship in about a years’ time.
I’m waiting for the minis from Baker Company, and their great Winter War Kickstarter. The first batch should turn up before years end, really looking forward to that.
All that waiting… well, until I get all that stuff, there’s good reason to check what else is happening on the Kickstarter front.
Cowboys meets Cthulhu. This immediately struck a chord. For $150 you get the two basic board games and a ton of stretch-goals. Did I tell you that there are lots of very nice figures? For $475 you get even more, some of it really tasty, but this is too big a leap for me, so I hope they will come down to a more reasonable price for a bit less stuff but most of the mine-cart stretch goals.
Something to watch, I’m not decided on whether to pledge or not, but the figures looks fantastic.
This really made me laugh. Cuddly cats and Cthulhu, what’s not to like? A “rules-light roleplaying game where all the characters are ordinary cats, opposing the Chaos Cults of the other Animal Gods.” The PDF-rules-book is $10 and a softcover book will cost you about $20 + P&P. 
Fantasy terrain for your 28mm minis to fight over. Some rather nice plastic/resin pieces that could be worth a look.
A cooperative boardgame with some amazing figures. $100 (add P&P outside USA) will give you the game and a lot of stretch-goals. Add $80 to get even more stuff. Niiiice.
A miniatures boardgame with adorable minis. $75 will get you the game.
Elves, lots of elves. 28mm for use in RPG:s or miniatures games. Looking good and worth a look if elves your thing.
MDF-terrain, and some look really terrific. Check out the holographic advertisement set, my favourite, and the Pool House.

This looks fantastic, and it just went live. Card terrain. Haven’t had much time to check it out, so I think you’d better do.

So much stuff, so little time


  1. I fully expect you to jump on the Brimstone one, totally in line with our plans for the coming game year.

  2. I took a gander at the Battle System one earlier, and I think it suffers from a big drawback -- that a lot of other kickstarters also suffer from; it's not clear exactly how much stuff you get for your money, so you either end up spending too much just to be sure, or too little. Or like me, nothing at all.

    1. the reason you have to check regularly the last days of the Kickstarter. And you have to take care so you're not blinded by the amount of shiny, and get too much stuff you'll never use.
      Like Winter War bicycles :-D

  3. I took a closer look at the Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter and it looks quite good. I'm thinking of switching from Mars Attacks to Shadows of Brimstone.