Friday, 8 August 2014

A couple of Kickstarter

As if I needed more figures… anyway, there are a couple of interesting Kickstarters out there at the moment.
What you get now. More stretch goals in sight.
Demigods Rising – A fantasy game with gorgeous miniatures on the biggish side. ‘Scale’ seems to be around 38mm, so they are unfortunately too big to fit with my other minis. But very beautiful. For $100 + postage you’ll get the game with a bunch of miniatures. Seems to be good value for money and certainly worth a look. Ends August 28.
Secret of the Lost Tomb - another game and this time with 28mm figures. Theme is 1930’s pulp, Lovecraft and a bit of fantasy, a nice combination for sure. The $120-level will get you all the miniatures, around 70 + possible stretch goals, without the game. Material is PVC-plastic – not my favourite. The minis look good, so it could be something if you’re into these ‘periods’. Ends August 21 and only halfway to target.
More stretch-goals on the near horizon (updated due to a change of exclusive mini)
Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest – Mantic’s at it again, marketing a future release. I don’t mind their business model, and it sure works well for them. This time it’s a dungeon crawl-game, designed by Jake Thornton so the game’s bound to be easy to play and fun. Lots of 28mm minis and other stuff, as you would expect from Mantic, and also, off course, tons of stretch goals. On the down-side – the minis are PVC-plastic. Anyway, $100 will get you the game and all the goodies. Ends September 1.

So the question is, as always, do you take the plunge, or wait for another Kickstarter? Or maybe, plunge now and back that other one (or two or…) also… J

I checked the Mantic PVC to get a feel for it. You'll find the post here.


  1. I was sorely tempted by Dungeon Saga, since I like co-operative Dungeon Crawls. Then I was reminded of the fact that I will be getting not one, but TWO dungeon crawl games, albeit Wild West/Horror style, when Shadows of Brimstone arrives. Hopefully that will be sometime soon.

    So, do I need another crawler? Probably not. And therein lies the rub, as the bard would have it.

  2. Need.... well, off course you don't need another game. But that's not the real question, is it?
    Anyway, Brimstone is bound to hit us within a couple of months, but Saga will show up in August 2015. Two games now, and another one in a year from now :-)

    1. Actually I'm applying the Jones' Theory from the Dice Tower podcast: If you have two games that scratch the same itch whatever that itch is -- cooperative dungeon crawl, deck building game, starship combat -- get rid of one of them.

      If you don't, you will either end up playing only one of them, or playing both half the time getting less out of each game.

      With miniatures it's a bit different, since painting them and trying new techniques can make them infinitely varied. So I might buy it just for the figures, if the stretch goals end up too overwhelming :-)

      But then again, so far we haven't seen anything new from the kickstarter, although I do think the undead dwarves are cute.

    2. Good theory! Applicable to games without miniatures :-)
      I'm waiting to see what happens, just as you.

  3. I was at first sure I would not jump on Dungeon Saga, but I realise it depends on two things: if I can convince the GF that it looks fun and if the deal becomes good enough. GF played Descent and liked it, this could be a good addition to the household.

    1. Good strategy.
      Me, I'm most concerned about the PVC-plastic. Made a quality check - more on that shortly.

  4. There's also a really nice one by Infamy that has only 54 hours to go. High quality resin figures of the steampunk variety, that are all part of a new skirmish game set in an alternate 19th century Victorian London..

    1. Good heads-up. I saw it before, but forgot to put it on the list above. No figures for me, but they are really good-looking.