Sunday, 26 October 2014

Update on a couple of kickstarters

At the moment I've pledged in two very different Kickstarters
RAFM New Airship Pirate Miniatures is a low-key very attractive kickstarter. I like RAFM and supported their Call of Cthulhu kickstarter earlier this year, and now they are at it again. This one is very much in the pulp genre, and it is getting to be an insanely attractive one. There is essentially one pledge-level at 40 Canadian dollars (postage included for US, Canada and EU!) where you get a set of pulp air pirates and a lot of stretch goals in the same genre. At present you’ll get 16 28mm minis, that is CAN$ 2,50 per figure, a price that is hard to beat, especially as those figures are $8 at their webshop. I expect there to be a couple of more free figures unlocked until this is over, and that means even better value for your pledge.
On top of that there are a couple of very nice add-ons (and more to be unlocked). I especially like the Harpy and the Imperial Marines. These minis will fit very well into Pulp Alley games, or whatever pulp, steampunk, VSF etc rules you're into.There’s a lot of potential there, and more marines will be unlocked shortly (a new sculpt at 125 backers, and then you’ll get 2 different marines as a $4 add-on. Not bad at all). Highly recommended!
Closes on November 14, so still a lot of time to decide.
The next one is Twisting Catacombs Miniature Dungeon Scenery. Fantastic 3D rendered scenery for your dungeon. You can go a la carte and buy what you want, or go for one of the other pledges where you get an assortment of pieces and some gold to buy more stuff for.
At the moment there are more than 90 different pieces of scenery you can choose between with prices from one gold piece for doors, spear traps and a sprue of 10 skulls to 12 gold for a simply magnificent sacrificial chamber that can be a centrepiece for your fantasy or a pulp adventure. In between you’ll find cupboards, tombs, sorcerers and alchemists tables, bookcases, unholy portals, idol plinths, pillars, fountains (with or without water weirds), braziers, tankards, books sprue, anvil, bones, weapon racks, cauldrons, bellows, iron maiden, gibbot, pillory, mine tracks, translucent walls of fire or ice and much, much more. Depending on how much you buy you can get a gold for between £0,82 and £1. With the pledges a gold worth of scenery can be as low as £0,68.
This goes until November 2.
They also have a writing competition. Look out for a short story written by yours truly.


  1. The Dungeon one is one I keeping an eye on but I am already arse deep in three! Strange Aeons, Big Box of Scenery (local boys i have to support) and the Salvage Crew (a $1 a fig?, yea) Paranoia keeps my eye now.

    1. Salvage Crew - 20 figures + 9-10 stretch goal robots for $30 + P&P - yep, getting a very good deal there. Some of the figures are very nice indeed

  2. So many dam kickstarters lately. Not enough money! Hopefully they will do well. I quite like the look of the female automaton and love the Peeler!