Friday, 14 November 2014

Airship Pirates kickstarter – last chance

This great kickstarter ends in a couple of hours, and now is the last chance to join. At the moment you’ll get 20 miniatures for CAN$ 40 (shipping included for US, Canada and EU!) and with a bit of luck they will reach the next stretch-goal unlocking another mini and also the Mechapede as an add-on.
At last, if this wasn’t enough, there is the Paranoia add-on – pledge $20 and buy for $30 from the RAFM webshop. You can chose between the RAFM-figures and also Reaper and Reaper Bones minis.

There are also some really nice already unlocked add-ons.
So, check the kickstarter, jump in and help me getting that mechapede unlocked. I wants it!

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