Thursday, 3 December 2015

Miniature Wargaming The Movie – a movie worth backing!

If you have £10 to spare this is the Kickstarter to back - Miniature Wargaming The Movie. It ends on Sunday so there isn’t much time left.
From the Kickstarter page:
This is the first ever film to explore the fascinating world of Miniature Wargaming, which is played by millions of people across the globe. The featured film will contain exclusive interviews & stories from industry leaders such as Rick Priestley, Alan & Michael Perry, John Stallard and Paul Sawyer.  Representatives from Warlord Games, 4Ground, Wargames illustrated, Hawk Games and many more leading companies in the sector. 
I was sold when I heard an interview with producer Joseph Piddington on Wargaming Recon. He has got a vision for this 90-minute film that really grips me. It could become such an interesting film for both us gamers (how about following the production of a new miniature from concept to produced mini in metal or plastic) and non-gamers (showing us as nerds in a good way J
Do check this out, listen to the interview and pledge what you think is appropriate and what you can afford. And do it soon as the Kickstarter ends on Sunday, December 6th.


  1. I backed it too! It's a great concept with some excellent folks contributing to the interviews.
    Like you, I was inspired by the Wargaming Recon interview.

  2. Excellent
    It's a small wonder there are so few backer still. THat will hopefully change at the 48 hour notice

  3. Yeah, I chipped in a tenner.

    However I think the issue is if it's a wide enough subject to interest people outside the wargaming circle. Inside the circle I doubt it will come with any new revelations, so why spend money on a movie about miniatures when you can buy more miniatures?

    But as I said, I chipped in a tenner.

    1. Good. It is always nice when I can fool.. ehr, convince, my fellow gamers to 'invest' in something :-)