Thursday, 28 January 2016

Kickstarter watch - Heroines in sensible shoes

I’m very much for sensibly dressed females in miniature, that is, females dressed for what they are supposed to do.
There seem to be more and more of these minis nowadays, with Otherworld a prime example of a company having some great fantasy adventuring females, both human and non-human.
Bad Squiddo Games’ have a fantastic and growing selection of believable female miniatures from a host of great companies covering historical to pulp, SF and fantasy.
Day before yesterday I was told of a brand new Kickstarter with this theme. Heroines in Sensible Shoes by Oathsworn Miniatures runs until February 1 and offers a selection of different fantasy characters. All female and all dressed for real adventure and they look great. 12 minis will be produced and you can get all or some of them. Do check it out if this is your thing. It is a cause well worth supporting.
Welcome Google + follower Michał Kucharski with DwarfCrypt which is a great blog about miniatures. Well worth a visit as you are sure to find something to interest you because Michał covers a lot of ground going from historical to fantasy to SF.

All pictures © Oathsworn Miniatures and used with permission


  1. I've participated in a couple of Oathsworn's KickStarters and can't praise them highly enough - they're models of good communication and always meet their commitments.

    1. Haven't backed any of their previous kickstarters but they seem to deliver on time and you see what you get.
      Glad to hear you have a positive view of them as I have already pledged for all 12 figures

  2. Those do look nice! I'm a big fan of sensibly-dressed female adventurer figures, and have no time for the 'chainmail bikini' approach.

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Michał!
      Hope you had a chance to back them