Saturday, 27 February 2016

Kickstarter Watch - ArcWorlde - Battle for Troll Bridge: Boxed Starter Set

The kickstarter-season is in full swing now after the holiday dip. There's much interesting stuff to whet ones appetite and probably much more to come.
The ArcWorlde - Battle for Troll Bridge: Boxed Starter Set  is one of those interesting ones and it has had a flying start and has already burst a couple of stretch-goals.

It’s a human vs halfling vs bayourk (think orks living in Louisiana wetlands) vs Troll skirmish game with fantastic minis. On the down-side is the fact that these figures are “heroic 32mm scale” and that makes them larger than your ordinary 28mm figs if you want to use them in other games.
Anyway, hop over to the kickstarter-page and see if it is something for you. Oh, and do it fast, as this is a short kickstarter and it ends on March 4th!

All photos and illustrations © Warploque Miniatures and used with permission.


  1. Aargh! Just too many shiny new toys to tempt me this year! Unfortunately, the Conan Kickstarter is going to clear me out for the next month or two...