Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kickstarter Watch - Ages of Pirates Printable Tabletop Terrain

3D-Print-Terrain is at it again. I backed their Normandy KS a while back, and the files from that looked good, even though I haven’t printed anything of it yet.
This time we’ll get some Age of Pirates goodness, which seem well-timed as pirates seem to becoming more and more popular.
Let’s see what is offered.
It starts at €10 where you’ll get a British Tudor House, and then goes up to the main pledge level at €40 where you’ll get it all + stretch goals.
The KS has gone very well these first few days and there are a lot of stretch goals already unlocked, and with all those that €40 pledge level looks really tempting.
This is absolutely worth a look if you’re at all interested in some Tudor houses for your gaming tables or Caribbean wargaming. Check it out!

This KS ends on July 25th 2017.

If you’re interested in more 3D-printable-terrain kickstarters then look here.
I hope to repair my (not to brilliant) printer in the not too distant future and/or buy a new one. Then I’ll try to review as much stuff as possible from all manufacturers I have stl-files from.All pictures and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain and used with permission.