Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Kickstarter Watch - 28mm Modular Buildings

The last month has been quite a 3D-printable-terrain-kickstarter-bonanza. It’s a good time to buy a printer for your gaming needs J
Here’s another kickstarter, this time modular buildings from Hayland Terrain. You’ll get walls, roofs, corner-posts and whatnot suitable for modern settings, western, steampunk and wastelands. Everything is OpenLOCK compatible which it a great plus in my book.
I see lots of uses if you want to build something fast for a game. The modern set with flat roof would work well in a game of Dust, for example. That one is really tempting...
Update: It is now possible to pledge for specific building sets.
It's going quite well and several stretch goals are already unlocked, for example those above and below.
It is also possible to get a whole lot of modern scenery as an add-on. Excellent if you have a printer with really high resolution.
This KS ends on July 26th 2017
If you’re interested in more 3D-printable-terrain kickstarters then look here.
I hope to repair my (not to brilliant) printer in the not too distant future and/or buy a new one. Then I’ll try to review as much stuff as possible from all manufacturers I have stl-files from. 

All pictures and illustrations © Hayland Terrain and used with permission.


  1. Thanks for posting Joakim :-) Interesting stuff

    1. Glad you like it!
      I'll try to post about all 3D-printable terrain kickstarters and I have two more posts coming up soon.

  2. One day I shall invest in a 3D printer...

    1. I think you should!
      Remember that terrain is easy to paint :-)