Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Printable Tabletop Terrain for Russia

Jens at 3D-Print-Terrain is at it again with a Russian-themed kickstarter.
This time you can get lots and lots of houses and other stuff perfect for Operation Barbarossa and obviously other theatres and times.
If you go for the highest pledge, €40, you’ll get files for two houses, an earth-bunker, a portable bridge with rubber rafts and all the stretch goals.
Stretch goals is where Jens’ campaigns shine. At the moment the following is unlocked: two different thatched houses, a farmstead, a church and a tram.
Still unlocked are Pavlov’s House (from Stalingrad), a destroyed factory, the Volga fleet and more.
A campaign worth looking at that ends on October 29 2017.
All photos and illustrations  © 3D-Print-Terrain and used with permission


  1. Cool stuff! but I dont have a 3D printer :(

    1. ...not yet
      They are becoming more and more affordable, though.