Monday, 2 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Z.O.D. 3D-Printable Terrain Tiles

Lots of interesting 3D-printing kickstarters at the moment, and here’s one of them, Z.O.D. 3D-Printable Terrain Tiles.

They offer their own system of snap-together tiles in lots of different styles. 
To check out the quality of their product you can already download their basic set of Dungeon and Starship themes from Thingiverse. Well worth a look and a test-print!
A modest $20 will get you the Modern City and TechnoHell themes and a lot of stretch-goals theme beyond that.
This KS ends on October 11 2017.
All photos and illustrations  © Ill Gotten Games and used with permission


  1. Dead interesting, yet again Joakim, not sure I would ever use them but good designs. Cheers for posting :-)

    1. Yep, really interesting design. Not my favourite OpenLOCK-system, but I still think this is a solid system. I'm sure to test-print some pieces from Thingiverse to try them out.