Friday, 8 December 2017

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Fantasy, SF, a tavern and bases

A large crop of diverse kickstarters for fans of 3D-printing this week

A surprising amount of adventures seem to start in a tavern, and here is a chance to get one.
£15 gives you the modular tavern and higher pledge levels fill it with furniture and more.
Give your adventurers the start they deserve with this building.
This KS ends on January 13 2018

Hayland Terrain is back with another kickstarter; this time fantasy-themed.
You’ll get files for a mine, temple, tombs, walls and stretch-goals comprising tents, a lumber mill and more.
Many scenery-pieces can be used in other settings, Wild West springs to mind.
Well worth a look.
This KS ends on December 19 2017.

Off into space and maybe to a mining station on a far-away planet.
Pipes, vats, walls, landing pads and more is to be found in this kickstarter.
A good starting point for your off-Earth adventures.
This KS ends on January 18 2017

ESLO is back on the 3D-printing scene, and this time with a bunch of scenic bases.
Pick one or several themes and print away.
A cheap and easy way of getting all the bases you would ever need.
This KS ends on January 7 2018

That's it for this week. Happy printing!

All photos and illustrations © Hobgoblin 3D, Hayland Terrain, Andrew Askedall and ESLO respectively and used with permission.


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    1. yes... I'm close to falling for the Hayland Terrain one, as I see a lot of use for several of the pieces he has made.