Friday, 16 February 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Modular Ships

This week bring something a bit different, namely modular ships.
The idea here is to let you build the ship you want using really flexible, OpenLOCK-compatible, components.
You can game inside the ships, our outside, and the stretch-goals include detailing, furnishing and more.
If you need more than one ship-type there’s a pledge that includes all unlocked ships, at the moment a trireme and junks.
If you’re into huge monsters, there is even that.
This is certainly a different take on modular terrain and if you plan to have a campaign on the high seas then this is certainly something worth a look.
I'm rather excited by this, as it looks great. Now, I just need that new printer...
This KS ends on March 12 2018.
All photos and illustrations © Chris Hunt and used with permission.


  1. Lots of lovely details they look smashing :-)

    1. Yes, they certainly do, and if gamable ships then this seem to be a no-brainer

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  3. Thank you for the article Joakim, we are proud to be the first modular 3d ship terrain developed (and yes, it's fully game-able terrain).

    Our OpenLOCK conversion just finished the lower deck decking and hull panels as well as the upper deck's deck.

    We have a very special announcement in regards to a guest star-level artist that wants to be involved that we'll unveil soon!

    ~Chris with the Dragon Workshop