Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – SF x 2

This week will give you two new kickstarters that complement each other rather well.
If you like OpenLOCK (who doesn’t?) and want to build yourself the insides of a starship then this might be for you.
You can have either clean, smooth-looking walls or more engineering style walls that you expect deep down in the innards of a big freighter.
On top of that some smaller space-craft, machinery and whatnot.
The kickstarters moves along well and have several stretch goals unlocked so far.
Definitely worth a look if you want your space-pirates to have something to loot.

You need something to explore when your spaceship has landed at a moon-base, and here you’ll find just that.
Lot of high-tech structures to fill your base or outpost. They are very much future-looking and would work well in 28mm scale or shrunk to 6mm for your BattleTech fights. Everything in between works equally well.
Really nice-looking pieces that would make any table-top proud. Check them out.

All photos, renders and illustrations © 2nd Dynasty and Project Mobius, and used with permission.