Saturday, 2 June 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Ancient Rome, Rails, Castles, Desert Fort and Japanese buildings

Lots of interesting stuff this week.

Iain Lovecraft is back with another great looking campaign, this time taking us to ancient Rome and it's OpenLOCK and Dragonbite compatible.
There are several different pledge levels
Roman City Pack:
Underworld Pack:
Roman miniatures and props:
An all-in level where you get 3 for the price of two.
The level of detail here is just fantastic, just like the last campaign, and there's lots of stuff in each pledge level, you really have to see it all. Wow. If you have any interest in Ancient Rome then you should back this, and then buy yourself a printer if you don’t already have one.
Check out the interview of sorts I had with Iain earlier this year.
This KS ends on June 19, 2018.

Another very interesting kickstarter, this time for something that I for one is really keen to have in multiple scales, namely railway tracks.
It is what it says on the can, and it is the first KS about railway tracks I have seen. Great stuff! I’ve already backed it and so should you!
This KS ends on June 9 2018

ESLO is back, this time with a big campaign with lots of buildings.
There are four sections that you can back, or go all-in for an even better price and a couple of extra pieces of scenery.
Desert Fort and desert buildings:
Castle or Fortress:
Village - which seem to be booth European and Asian styles:

Asian Fortress and Keep:

Those desert buildings could come in handy for my Pulp Alley games and if Japanese stuff is your thing it’s a no-brainer. And who doesn’t need a village or two, not to mention a castle.
Check it out!
As of writing they seem to have problems with some of the pics, so you could check on their Indiegogo-page as well, to see the missing pics.
This KS ends on June 25

It looks as if I will have a new and fancy printer after summer. Great fun! I have so much stuff to print and review. You are sure to see lots of it here.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Iain Lovecraft, DasTri and ESLO respectively and used with permission.

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