Friday, 9 November 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – A calendar, a titan, figures and some terrain

How can you not like something like this? An advent calendar for gamers!
It’s such a good idea!
For £1 you’ll get the enjoyment of a little stl-‘gift’ each day from December 1 to 25, either fantasy or SF. Be a big-spender (£5) and get the Delux Super Bonus Pack that includes both calendars, alternate sculpts and extra models.
A beer at the pub or stl-happiness for most of December? I know what I would choose!*
Then you will also have chance to pledge extra for the rather excellent beginners guide to Modelling Miniatures. Here you’ll get a step-by-step introduction on how to make your own printable minis. 
I’ve got a review copy of that and I really enjoy playing around with the free Sculptris software while following the examples given in the book. It’s great for a beginner like me, and you can expect more of a review here next week.
No printer? No problem. You can even get printed pieces in a real-life box in good time before X-mas!
Full marks on this kickstarter. Check it out!
This Kickstarter ends on November 19, 2018.

The title pretty much sums it up. You can pledge for a bunch of stl-vikings with Viking hut-tiles and a gorgeous wyvern, a bunch of dwarves with cave-tiles or a builder pack with some great looking terrain-pieces.
There is, of course, a pledge-level for it all.
I’m particularly fond of the terrain-pieces, where the bridge-ruins look great.
Have a look before November 26, 2018, when this KS ends.

So you want a printable titan? Then this might be for you.
You’ll get a modular titan for use with your space marines, with some different weapons options.
There is also a bundle-deal if you’re interested in Heresylab’s previous campaigns.
While a titan isn’t really my cup of tea (or rather coffe, as it is) then it might be yours. Anyway, there are the add-on packs of scenery, tanks and a SF-Gothic train that could be made just for you.
Would be a shame to miss it, so hurry before the KS ends on November 22, 2018.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © Steve Hampson, Brayan Nafarrate and Heresy Lab respectively and used with permission.

* Both, of course!

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