Monday, 30 October 2017

Dust – Red Fury/Red Rain

Dust beckoned me again, and this great piece, the BR-47, hit the painting table.
 This kit for the SSU-faction includes two versions, where you can use the chassis for either the Red Fury armed with an anti-tank gun, or Red Rain where you’ve got an artillery piece.
The crew is three men for either case and I got four men with the kit, so there is essentially a choice of commanders.
It’s a great model, made all the better for the royal whupping it gave Thomas in a game of Dust ages ago. The Red Fury, well protected behind a wall, picked off half his army. Sweet memories…

A SSU walker is awaiting paint now. Dust-minis is such a joy to paint.

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D-printing - 2xSF and a castle

I’ve decided to limit my Kickstarter Watch posts to, at a maximum, once per week, as I think more often is a bit too much. Seems there are more and more people and companies producing stl-files and putting it on crowd-funding platforms, and sometimes we get several in a week. It's a good time to own a 3D-printer!

So, even though I’ve already posted on several kickstarters this week, I’ll finish with what’s left, namely two SF-themed ones and a castle.

More OpenLock compatible SF-scenery for your printer, centred around a moon-base or similar outpost.
A pledge of £40 will get you everything (except the grav-tank which is a further £5).
You’ll be able to build corridors, prison blocks, warehouses, reactor room, a plethora of vehicles, walls and defences, tank-assembly factory and much more.
Value wise this looks like an excellent deal, ideal for adventures on a planet far, far away, or a moon rather closer.
Check it out!
This KS ends on November 16 2017.

EDIT FEBRUARY 2018 - I have friends that have been seriously burnt by this company, WOW Buildings,  and the kickstarter seem to be in a shambles. If you're interested in printing SF-scenery you might consider spending your money with other companies.

In Kolony we get hab-blocks, other buildings, vehicles and scatter terrain for your colony in space.
Pledges run from $5 to 25 depending on how deep you want to go.
All pledge levels give access to stretch-goals. Obviously more stuff at higher levels.
This looks really good if you want to print buildings without the possible hassle of connecting walls to floors and each other. You’ll get gaming stuff on the table quickly.
There are also vehicles and plenty of scatter-terrain.
If you want to check out the quality of their stuff there are already some free files on Thingiverse, with more to come. A good way to see if what they do is for you and your printer.
This KS ends on November 17, 2017.

This one is for everyone ever wanting a castle of their own, and especially an OpenLOCK modular one in 28mm scale (or thereabout).
Construction exemple
Three different pledge levels (and if you hurry you might nick an early bird pledge) giving you different amount of stuff.
You’ll get walls, windows and walls in the Classic Castle-set and progressively more pieces in higher pledge levels.
What I especially like is that you’ll get multiples of each wall-piece, so, for example, you seem to get eight different 2” wall-sections, giving variability.

Well worth a look if you ever fancied making a castle, or a dungeon for that matter.
This KS ends on December 24 2017.

All photos and illustrations © WOW Buildings, Rocketship Games and NEFAST Collection respectively and used with permission.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mercs: Recon – More Security Forces

These are Type 1 Security from the Mercs: Recon game.
I’m not too sure if I will ever play that game, but the minis could be useable.
These guys will probably see action as minions for an evil master in a hidden base, using Pulp Alley or 7TV rules.

Nice and easy to paint minis, what’s not to like?

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 28mm Modular Wasteland Buildings & Scenery

Hayland Terrain is at it again with another OpenLOCK-compatible building set, this time centred on Wastelands.
The base pledge of £40  will get you outer walls and roof-tiles for different building types, interiors, cars, shanty-stalls and more.
If you missed their previous kickstarters there is also a get-it-all-pledge. With that your printer will be busy for a long time.
There is even a one-year licence-pledge to give you permission to print and sell.
This KS ends on November 8.

All photos and illustrations © Hayland Terrain and used with permission.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Necroplex: 3D Printable Sci-Fi Terrain Building Blocks

Here’s an interesting kickstarter, Necroplex, where you print building blocks to use with foamcore, wooden dowels and plastic pipes. This means you minimize print-time and –materials and get more stuff on your gaming table in a shorter time.
You can build everything from walkways to huge buildings.
There are strech goals, of course.
This is a good idea and what is shown looks great, so this might be something to look into if SF-gaming is your thing. Infinity players could really go mad with urban terrain in a relatively short time.
This KS ends on November 1.

All photos and illustrations © Necroplexus and used with permission

Monday, 23 October 2017

Scenery from Reaper Bones

I did a quick job on some Reaper Bones scenery, mainly to just move stuff from the tin- and plastics-mountain. 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – 3D Printable Tanks

Another rather different kickstarter. This time we’ve got 3D Printable Tanks, giving you an interesting mix of, well, tanks.
These look amazing. I’m hard-pressed to even see that they are prints, even though they are printed with 100 micron layer depth. Simply stunning detail.
This is probably the most exiting 3D-print-kickstarter I’ve seen in a while. Well worth a look.
You can choose between WWII, modern and futuristic vehicles, and at the moment there are some twenty different vehicles to choose from.
Pledges start at CA$19 for two kits and ends at CA$135 for the whole bunch. If you’ve got the money you can go even higher with custom-made parts or even vehicles.
New releases
The stl-files are made for 1/56 scale (28mm), but you can obviously scale them up or down as you wish.
I really look forward to see where this company goes in the future.
This KS ends on November 13.

All photos and illustrations © 3D Wargaming and used with permission

Friday, 20 October 2017

Komsomolets from Baker Company

I have a bunch of vehicles from Baker Company and the Winter War kickstarter they had a couple of years ago. Our Winter War project was placed on hold and the vehicles just laid there.
I had an idea of using some of them for pulp gaming, either 1930’s Pulp alley or 60’s/70’s 7TV. I did a truck a while ago and this time it was the Komsomolets tractor that got some love.
Evil minions are often seen riding on strange wheeled or tracked vehicles in their masters lairs (they seem unable to walk even short distances in cult movies) and a Komsomolets looks just the part.
I painted it dark green, so it could be used in an actual WWII game without looking totally out of place and an evil overlord would probably be pleased with the paintjob also.
I got two sets of crew; one could be used as Soviets while this one got a suitable minion-look paintjob.

Just as with the truck we have a really nice resin-body, but the metal parts are rather crappy and the crew are not the best out there. A pity as it’s a fun little vehicle.