Sunday, 23 December 2018

Nativity Scene – Part 3

It’s that time of year again. The Nativity Scene demands an upgrade.
Last year was a bit of a downer as I started on the backdrop too late, it took far too long to make and was ready around New Year.
This year I made a new ground-/road-section and added vegetation. In time!
As we celebrate Xmas tomorrow, on the 24th, I have to run off and buy the last of the food, bake some julvört (a Christmas bread flavoured with porter, ginger, clove, Seville orange and other exotic stuff. Excellent!), glaze the Christmas ham and drink far too much mumma.
There will be a post later with more details of stuff used for the Nativity Scene.
Enjoy the pics and have a really great vacation. 

Friday, 14 December 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – 3 smaller campaigns

We start this time with a modern shipping yard, useful for setting either modern, near future, future apocalypse or even SciFi.
You’ll get an assortment of useful stuff, like a forklift truck, containers, fences, oil tank, pallets and other goods for just NZ$ 10. A great price!
A very nice set of scatter terrain, indeed. Absolutely worth a look, and you have until December 22 2018 to do just that.

The advent calendar is back, or rather a collection of fantasy and/or SciFi scatter terrain for a very modest £2 for each collection. 25 pieces in each collection, at least.
You also have the opportunity to get the Modelling Miniatures books that I reviewed here.
I’ve got some samples from both the SciFi and fantasy range, and I hope to get a couple on the printer soon, hopefully this weekend. I’ll show you the result in a review-post as fast as I can, but as we’re making some repairs in the cellar that means my printer is currently hiding from all the dust. All that work is probably finished today. Fingers crossed.
Anyway, check out what’s on offer before December 27 2018.

This is really neat!
These guys scanned real trees and made them into 3D-printable models.
A great idea that will give you some really realistic miniature trees.
10 different trees for $10. Great value.
Well worth a look before December 22 2018.

If you would like to see more 3D-printing crowdfunding projects then look here.
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All photos, renders and illustrations © Kieran Billings, Steve Hampson and Nik F. respectively and used with permission.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – something for everyone - WWII, SciFi and Fantasy

Another busy week, with five new kickstarters to sate our thirst for stl-files.

This is the third WWII-campaign from 3D-Print-Terrain, and as always you’re presented with lots of buildings, and more coming with each stretchgoal unlocked.
If you’d like to game Operation Seelöwe then you should absolutely check this out, as there are lots of English-looking buildings and also a German invasion fleet of ferries and barges.
If Dunqerque is more your thing, then you’ll get a chance to print the Mole and a fleet of small ships to evacuate your little toy soldiers.
On top of that, there are building suitable for Belgium, a big radar, bunker and more.
Absolutely worth a look, and you’ll have until December 25 2018 to decide if this is a good X-mas present for yourself.

How about a gothic-looking sci-fi fort and buildings for your space marines, or buildings and terrain for that desert planet, or maybe some industrial sci-fi structures?
Here you can have some or all of that.
Some very useful scenery here, and definitely worth a closer look.
Check it out before December 23 2018.

Everything needed for an encounter - both monster, scenery and a short written adventure/encounter for D&D 5th ed.
There are two encounters and you can pledge for one or both.
A great idea!
Check it out before the kickstarter ends on December 14 2018.

Who doesn’t like monsters?
Here you’ll get at least five different ones, and some terrain to go with them.
The monsters look suitably scary and would certainly give a party of adventurers a hard time.
Check it out before December 21 2018.

Dungeon props for your favourite game. Well, actually, a lot of them could be used in historical settings, too.
Everything from wine barrel stands to altars to piles of skulls.
Simply a lot of smallish stuff to spice up your gaming table.
If you need things like this you’ll have until December 26 2018 to decide whether to back this or not.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain, ESLO, Eric Askue, Fabio and Michael Novelo respectively and used with permission.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Zombicide – Ablobination

This Ablomination come from the Zombie Bosses box for Zombicide: Black Death.
It’s a large beast that attacks all heroes at range 0-1, making it very deadly. 
It will absolutely see action in our next game of Zombicide. I’m looking forward to something new.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Brimstone – Targa Plateau Guardian and Jargono Swamp Raptor

A couple of huge monsters for the Shadows of Brimstone boardgame.
The Guardian is some sort of metal construct, walking around on the Targa Plateau, an Otherworld that the heroes can reach through portals in the mines of Brimstone.
It was easy enough to finish, essentially just metallic paints, washes and some drybrushing. Coloured vision-slits and power pack to get some life into it.
The Jargono Swamp Raptor comes from another Otherworld, surprisingly the Swamps of Jargono.
It needed quite a lot of greenstuffing to be presentable, but the end result looks good enough. 
I think it might end up in my soon to start Paleo Diet solo-campaign. Poor cave-women… they will probably need to fight something much easier to start with.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Dwarves, Elves, Demons, Dragons, Sci-fi vehicles, WWII Planes and the odd graveyard.

Six new campaigns this time, covering fantasy, Sci-fi and WWII.

PrintableScenery just delivered the last files from their latest kickstarter, and with that done they promptly launched another one.
Here you can choose between dwarf-, elf- or demon-themed terrain, or make it easy for yourself and take it all as a suitably discounted bundle.
They started this Wednesday and smashed through a huge lot of stretch-goals in the first couple of hours.
As always with Printable Scenery you’ll get superb quality and if they think something need tweaking they will change the files, inform you about it and you can re-load the new stuff.
Great service from a great company.
Really recommended. Have a look!
This KS ends on December 18 2018.

More dwarves and elves!
This KS nicely complements the previous, as you can get dwarf and elf regiments in stl-files, with a couple of heroes thrown in for good measure.
On top of that you have a dragons-pledge with some truly spectacular flying critters.
My favourite is the absolutely stunning Bridgeton – a modular fantasy-town built on a huge bridge. Fantastic!
Check it out before the campaign ends on December 13 2018.

Interested in Sci-Fi vehicles?
If yes, somewhat or maybe, then you should check this campaign from Antenociti's.
A bunch of different vehicles, from tanks to dropships to civilian street-cleaners, and a lot in between.
You can get everything in one pledge, or pledge for bundles or individual vehicles.
Everything looks great and should fit into any kind of non-gothic Sci-fi.
Have a look at these stunning models before the kickstarter ends on December 16 2018.

More Sci-fi tanks, this time modular and more in line with gothic space marines or imperial guards.
With this set you’ll get a basic vehicle platform that you can kit out in a huge variety of weapons and equipment. Really, lots and lots of weapons.
You can get tanks, light tanks/APC:s and assault guns with different weapons.
Great, as you can print out a couple of vehicles and change the weapons depending on scenario used.
Check it out before December 20 2018.

WWII airplanes in 1/56 scale are next. From small fighters to enormous bombers to rockets.
The smallest piece is the V1 flying bomb that is dwarfed in the shadow of the B-29 Super Fortress. The latter piece will have a wingspan of 77 centimetres!
I don’t think I have much use of a Super Fortress on the gaming table, but a V1 or V2 could come in handy as an objective in a Pulp or WWII game. I can absolutely see a game of Chain of Command where one side try to defend a launch-pad while the other tries to disrups the firing sequence.
3D-printed vs computer model.
Well worth a look, but do it no later than December 14 2018.

Finally a small kickstarter, where you can pledge for grave-stones, coffins or skulls and bones.
Basic pieces for your graveyard, and could be worth a look if you need one filled.
Check it out before it ends on December 16 2018.

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All photos, renders and illustrations © Printable Scenery, Iain Lovecraft, Antenociti's Workshop, Treadhead Rad, 3D Wargaming and Gustavo Saavedra respectively and used with permission.