Saturday, 29 September 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – End of September edition

Three really varied campaigns this time. Enjoy!

Here’s something out of the ordinary; files to print tools to imprint a design into expanded polystyrene and other materials.
It looks like a super idea to get a quick dungeon up and running, and there are other designs, too, if dungeons are not your thing.
Included are also stamps to get floors or ground made, cutters for doors, door inserts and more.
Lots of useful bits to make quick dungeons, walls, floors and whatnot.
Absolutely worth a look, and you can expect a review here in a week or two as I have received some review samples that will hit the printer as soon as I get it working (the Prusa i3 Mk3 will be delivered on Monday October 1. Yay!)
This KS ends on October 17 2018

If you’re into SF urban warfare then take a look at this campaign.
Here you’ll get 11 structures and a couple of stretchgoals.
The structures range from stores and residential buildings to subway entrances and ATMs.
A couple of stretchgoals are unlocked, among them a slum storage building and two-story residential building.
Everything looks just great and would fit perfectly with Infinity or other SF-games
This KS ends on October 21 2018

This is a more limited KS, building on an earlier one (and yes, you can get hold of the earlier files here, as a bundle).
What I especially like is the bridge, that would look so good on a Frostgrave-table. 
You can build it in different configurations and on different levels.
Absolutely worth a look if you need some fantasy terrain to spice up your gaming table.
This KS ends on October 6 2018.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Wartorn Studios, Project Mobius and Kieran Billings respectively and used with permission.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Abigail from Rise of Moloch and an ordinary ghost

White… I always dread white. It’s bloody difficult to look convincingly white.
So I started with the ghost from Reaper. A white primer, Dark Tone wash and then heavy drybrushing with white.
It actually didn’t look too bad. Maybe white isn’t so difficult.
When I was half convinced that I could do a reasonable white I starter with Abigail Sutherland, one of the heroes of The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch. She’s another stunning model, they all are.
I removed her from her internal base, cleaned up some mould-lines and repeated the ghost treatment and added colour here and there.
Ready for gaming with a ghost as a bonus.
original art from her card

Monday, 24 September 2018

Female Witch Doctor

The first tribe member for my Paleo Diet: Eat or be Eaten campaign. I got her from the Female Forest Tribe kickstarter. Delivery is unfortunately way behind schedule, and I’m still waiting for some spear-women and riders, but the resin-minis are really very good. Well worth the wait!
I think of her as the Chieftain of the hunting party, and probably a Shaman, Thinker or Healer.
Now I just have to finish three more females and I will have enough figures to start gaming.
If you like the looks of this, or the other figures from the kickstarter, then they will probably soon be available at Heroes of the Dark Age.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Wheels for my 28mm heroes

I’ve been looking for vehicles for my games, both pulp, 70’s and modern.
I found the Mini Cooper (1/43 scale) and the truck (about 1/50 scale I guess) at a gigantic flea market the other week. They will come in handy with our up-coming zombie-game (Hjärnor/Brains) set in Sweden.
The 1953 Cadillac (also 1/43 scale) was bought in a shop months ago and will be useful for both 70’s and modern. I think I have to paint up some Raggare to cruise the neighbourhood and bash some zombie-heads.
I will re-paint the truck into a park management vehicle or something like that. The other two look good as they are.
The 1/43 vehicles are obviously a bit big compared to the 28mm minis, but they will have to do.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Great stuff worthy of a pledge (or two)!

I’m still waiting for my Prusa i3 Mk3. No sign of it yet. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on it and start printing, both stuff I need for upcoming games and a lot of review stuff also. I can hardly wait.

The last week or so have been great for 3D-printing with quite a few very interesting kickstarters. So, let’s jump right into it.

If you like to build your gaming boards using hex tiles, and there are certain pros with that, then this is definitely for you.
Here you’re presented with dungeon, cave, tavern and grasslands sets, with a bunch of traps and decorations thrown in for good measure.
The campaign has started real well and is well into the stretch goals.
The terrain is built using a very clever system, making this well worth a look.
This KS ends on October 10 2018.

Do you like your Space Bunnies to fight it out in a grim and dark Gothic city, then this is it.
A pledge will give a great lot of stuff to print, both for intact structures and ruined.
This is going extremely well and has unlocked some great stretch-goals.
Do check out the free files, to get a feeling for what is on offer. I downloaded the barrels and intend to print a bunch of those.
If you think your Space Marines should fight it out in some really great-looking terrain then you should check this out!
This KS ends on October 25 2018.

Here’s something for your modern games, with some parts equally useful for the whole of the 20th Century.
Lots of scatter terrain for your urban games, both for use on the streets and inside houses.
This will shine if you have an SLA-printer (printing from a liquid medium) and quite a lot of pieces will simply not print well on a PLA-printer (using filament).
Some of the large pieces from the Industrial Set should work well with a PLA printer, though.
If you have an SLA-printer then this is definitely something to check, and you might find the Industrial Set worth a look if you have a PLA-printer.
This KS ends on October 11 2018.

The ever prolific Jens at 3D-Print-Terrain has gone back to Normandy with some really useful buildings in this, his latest project.
You’ll see Normandy buildings, a wind-mill and coming soon as unlocked stretch-goals are some more buildings for Pegasus Bridge.
The first couple of buildings for Pegasus Bridge, and the bridge itself, came with Jens’ first Normandy campaign, which you can get in a bundle-pledge.
There is also a very nice-looking POW-camp as a stretch-goal that is bound to be reached. Really useful that.
Check it out, and if you think this might be something you could use then jump in and pledge, as you will be sorry if you don’t. At least I was sorry I didn’t back his North African campaign a while back, as I want to build an Egyptian town for my Pulp Alley games now. I was thinking about doing it but never did. Annoying!
This KS ends on October 18 2018

Who wouldn’t like to print a whole bunch of dragons?
Well, it seems a lot of people would like to do just that, as this kickstarter went off like a rocket. It has just started as I write this and the stretchgoals are falling one after the other.
So, dragons. Lots of dragons! $60 gives you the files for the base 6 dragons and all stretch-goals, and as it looks that will mean more poses, more dragons, more stuff.
This just looks amazing and is printable on PLA-printers.
Just check it out. You really should do that. Great stuff!
This KS ends on October 18 2018.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Axolote Gaming, Andrew Askedall, Tokamak Studio, 3D-Print-Terrain and Danny Herrero respectively and used with permission.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Smithy and some scatter terrain from Zealot

A smithy that I'm sure will come in handy.

Here’s some more stuff that stood half-finished on the painting table. As ususal it just took a short while to do the finishing touches.
A gate with portcullis, bubbling cauldron filled with something I would refuce to taste and a chest.
Everything comes from Zealot Miniatures and I got them from their kickstarter a couple of years ago.
Now I just have to design an adventure to use it all in.